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Financial Hope for America Rumored to Change Name to US Financial Advisors to Get Away From Bad Press

I previously wrote an article about Financial Hope for America. A tipster (send in your tips here) just told me they are going to be changing their name to US Financial Advisors because of the avalanche of bad press Financial Hope for America has received. You really should read my article on them.

I’m told that US Financial Advisors will remain in the building on County Center Drive in Temecula, CA (40810 County Center Drive, Temecula, CA 92591) but will publish their address as being in Vista, CA, and office associated with Gary Wayman, the brother of Mike Wayman who is responsible for 3M Marketing and Financial Hope for America.


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  • Steve,
    I just found your site while looking for info on FH4A. I was an affiliate chapter based out of New Jersey and have not been able to speak to anyone in the company for almost 3 weeks. Could it be because I have not been paid in a month? I was to put off for all kinds of reasons and all of them bull apparently. So now they are changing their name which means they will write off all the money that they owe to all their affiliates. With all the research I have done I now know this is a pattern with these men, How do they get away with this over and over? I would be willing to help in any way possible to bring these guys down.

    • I agree they were previously something else too, i did look up his address he lives in Menifee, was taken like others and they did the same to me they wouldn’t return my calls for sometime at one point the phones were off and 2 weeks later they were back up by that time I received a denial letter for my remod and lost the home, nice huh and hounded me for months for their monthly payment.

  • These are the companies that give this industry a bad name.

    Steve I love reading your posts and articles to keep me educated on these important matters when dealing with clients in order to give them unbiased advice.

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