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ACCS Corp is Filing For Bankruptcy and I Got a Postcard. – Andrea


“Dear Steve,

Hi Steve, I just saw someone by the name of Janet ask a question about a postcard she received stating the ACCS filed for bankruptcy.

The card states that the “debtors” which are SCH Corp, American Corrective Counseling, Inc. and ACCS Corp filed for bacnkruptcy on January 19th, 2009. There is a possibility that I may have a claim and I must file a Proof of Claim before May 18, 2009 which is the Bar Date established by the Bankruptcy Court.

In addition, the “debtors” propose to sell all of their assets to Levine Leichtman Capital Partnets III LP at an auction to occur on March 30th, 2009. Now the problem is I have so many things that have gone to collections and I have had checks that didn’t clear (not on purpose) but I’m not sure who the creditor would be and calling the number on the postcard doesn’t do me any good. Can you give me a little insight on this?

Thank you,


Dear Andrea,

I have not seen the postcard and I still don’t know what the postcard says exactly. If it would be possible, can you or someone else scan it for me and upload it here so I can see it?

Once I can see it I’ll do some research into it.


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  • I received one too last Monday. It appears that they indicate you may have a claim against ACCS for violations of the Fair Credit Act. I wrote a check for $24.93 and ended up paying ten times that much. Go to the website, download the claim form, send documentation if you have it and send it out.

    I spoke with my attorney for another matter where my rights were violated by a collection, and he knew about the fact that they were filing bankruptcy and selling their assets to Lehman Leichtman Capital Partners III. It’s worth a shot as you may be able to recover your money for the seminar. I’ve also forwarded this on to my state representative, Barney Frank as he’s handling the legislation.

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