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If You Live In The Real America, Be Patriotic. Go Shopping And Run Up Credit Card Debt.

Have you heard the stories that the government wants us to get out and go shopping to stimulate the economy? Remember after 9/11 when President Bush encouraged people to go shopping to get things moving again?

Well I think the patriotic shopping argument may have gone too far now with Discover flying their American flag credit card. (You can see the card here.) Every time you’d pull it out you know you were doing your best to help jump start the economy. And what could me more red, white, and blue than a 0% intro APR?

But at a time that people are being encouraged to go shopping and spend, it is the exact wrong thing for people to do when faced with escalating costs, an uncertain job market and foreclosures in every neighborhood. Don’t believe me about the foreclosures? Take a look at RealtyTrac.

Now if you feel compelled to do your patriotic duty, please be careful. Maybe an American flag cling on your window as you drive by the mall might be a good first step.

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