New ATM Skimmer Can Clear Out Your Bank Account Without You Knowing It

Looks like crooks are doing some amazing things in skimming your debit card when you use it at an ATM, even you banks.

The latest technology even captures your keypad inputs, reads the back of your card and then sends the crooks the information via text message.

This skimmer I’m writing about today sells for between $7,000 and $8,000 USD, and includes two main components: The actual card skimmer device that fits over the card acceptance slot and records the data that is stored on the back of any ATM cards inserted into the device; and a metal plate with a fake PIN pad that is designed to sit directly on top of the real PIN pad and capture the victim’s personal identification number (PIN) while simultaneously passing it on to the real PIN pad underneath. – Source

A crook investing in the latest skimming technology can be half a world away and still capture your bank card access info. Best course of action, logon to your bank account and check transactions every couple of days. If you notice something fishy, contact your bank immediately.


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