Debt Settlement More Popular Since Obama Passed The Credit Card Act or How to Make Stuff Up to Sell Debt Settlement

Here is a video of a guy that is selling debt settlement services that includes ESP software.

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/DebtCollectorAffiliates.flv /]

His initial assertion is that debt settlement is a new solution that has emerged in the last year and a half.

The video is a classic example of what consumers are being told about why they should buy in to debt settlement.

The presenter says, “There has never been a better time to be involved in the debt settlement industry.”

They say they provide services in all 50 states. Interesting. I’m sure a few states would like to hear about these guys.

The video presents that the ESP software will be used in connection with a NoteWorld account and settlements will typically range between 40% to 80% but the average is 38%, huh?

If typical settlements range between 40% to 80% then how in the world can the average settlement be 38%?

The presenter says that even though the payment in the program will be the same as what they are paying now, if they can just keep struggling with the payment for another couple of years they can be out of debt faster. That’s a lousy approach.

We learn in the video the job of the sales rep is to:

  • Find the clients.
  • Sell them on the idea.
  • Calculate their payment
  • Get them enrolled.

The sales commission structure works like this.

The sad fact is many people believe the sales program and call people and sell them debt relief just like it shows in the video. Sad.


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