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Debt Settlement ‘Debt Doctor’ Gets His Ass Kicked in Muay Thai Fight

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent this video in. It’s not groundbreaking news but yet kind of interesting.

Apparently Greg Pesetsky from Practical Debt Relief also enjoys a little Muay Thai on the side.

Here are two videos that show the “Debt Doctor” selling debt settlement and then getting his ass kicked in the ring. Looks like the Debt Doctor needed a real doctor after his match.

I wonder if he’s feeling like his getting his ass kicked in debt settlement right now with pending regulations coming.

Sadly his debt settlement sales video contains information that I have found to not be exactly true and seems designed to sell debt settlement as a magical solution.

The worst section of the video for Greg begins at 4:39.


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  • Joe,

    Thanks for the comment. The truth is that anybody who gets in the ring deserves credit win or lose. Its not the prospect of getting hurt that’s scary but getting beat in front of friends,family, or Steve Rhode is terrifying! That fight was my first and I kinda froze up and could not think clearly. It just happened so quickly. Not to take any credit away from that guy cause I never been knocked out before. I think he had a roll of quarters in those gloves I tell you. At any rate your support is very much appreciated and hopefully you’ll take a peek at my blog sometime this week and maybe even begin to read it on a regular basis. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do as well.

  • Steve,

    First, here is what you will need to type into youtube gustavovsgregfight4 to see my 3rd fight.

    This link should allow you to view my 2nd fight.

    I will admit you make a lot of valid points. I would be more than happy to go into detail and want anybody reading this to understand that debt settlement should only be used as a last resort. Remember some people just do not qualify for bankruptcy.

    You are correct in the fact that fee’s do continue to accrue while somebody is enrolled in debt settlement. My company however, does completely disclose this to every consumer and agree that I should probably make a more detailed video explaining such. At the end of the day we do not take into account the fact that the balance may have increased during the program. We never increase a clients payment or months enrolled into the program and take the loss when this happens. I consider it a part of business.

    The next statement was taken a bit out on context. Knowing that both you and I have experienced bankruptcy you will agree that getting financed on a home loan is impossible until 2 years have passed since your bankruptcy discharge date. The same of course is true for people currently enrolled in debt consolidation or credit counseling. That of course is not the case if you were enrolled or just completed debt settlement. Banks these days just want to see that you do have the ability to repay your loan. FHA is back!!

    For somebody in the armed services you are absolutely correct and that’s why we simply do not accept anybody in the armed forces. Our government have numerous options for our troops in need of debt relief.

    You are correct again about the fact that somebody’s credit score will be severely impacted due to the fact that accounts are reported as settled on their credit profile. The actual payment history only accounts for roughly 35% of ones credit score. Source
    So as time passes people will be more likely to be partial to your financial situation knowing that you at least paid back some of the debt. In my opinion that’s something which should be be viewed as more of an indication of financial responsibility than simply making all the debts go away with bankruptcy or even worse “credit counseling”

    In the beginning creditors will of course continue to contact the borrower and why would’nt they? After all they did borrow the money and knew the repurcusions of their decisions. We never claimed to make the calls go away. Again we disclose everything and only advise our clients that we can make the calls stop once they have reached collections. Even with that it takes a few weeks.

    I appreciate your comments and think that I would actually get along with you quite well had we ever met. I’m very strongly opinionated myself. That’s probably why Im so interested in blogging these days.

    I felt that you trashed my name when you specifically talked about me selling my home. For some reason it got a nerve and made me post a not so nice remark on your youtube video that I quickly removed. I just didnt feel it was appropriate and after all your only speaking the facts. I’m still a fan!

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