First Consumer Debt Consolidation is Missing in Action With Americorp

“Dear Steve,

I would really appreciate your help with my situation. In October 2007, I entered into a Debt Consolidation Agreement with First Consumer Debt Consolidation with a “Debt Consolidation Counselor” who gave me the monthly fee ($59), the amounts to be paid to each of my creditors each month (totaling $1686-fee and payment are withdrawn automatically from my bank account) and a payment in full period of 50 months. At some point in time, Hess Kennedy (the stationery changed) became involved and later the Hess Kennedy Receivership (I received a letter). I have received quarterly statements each quarter with the headings “First Consumer Debt Consolidation” and most currently “Hess Kennedy Chartered”. I receive monthly statements from the creditors who are being paid. I have an e-mail address, fcdc@cs.americorp, and I have communicated with someone at that address in the past, with no resolution to my numerous requests. I have included the e-mails as an attachment.

Bottom line::: I really need an answer to my requests in the attached e-mail. I am not sure if you can assist me with that.

If not, can you please advise me how to end the relationship with FCDC, Hess Kennedy Chartered, Americorp US or whomever it truly is that I am dealing with on this matter and provide me with a reputable debt counseling/consolation organization?

Anything you can do to assist me will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,


Attached Emails

From: “Norma
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 13:34:19 -0400

I have sent two of the e-mails below requesting your assistance. I accepted that perhaps the first one may have been misdirected so I forwarded the one below. Will you please help me? I am undergoing some serious health issues and I need the information below to plan for the future. Anything you can do to assist me will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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—–Original Message—–
From: Norma
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 11:13 AM
To: ‘fcdc@cs.americorp.us’

This is my formal request for the outstanding balance due on my account. I receive your quarterly statement citing the payments made for that quarter, but I do not receive anything showing the outstanding balance due. I was told it would take 50 months to clear the total debt owed my creditors, but I do not see the balances decreasing very rapidly. Please provide total balance owed information as soon as possible. It will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Dear Norma,

I called First Consumer Debt Consolidation and spoke with the manager, Mark Brodi. He was very disturbed by the customer service and lack of response you received from Americorp.

He asked that you contact him directly as soon as possible at mbrodifcdc@yahoo.com or call him directly at 800-406-8258 so he can take care of this matter for you.

Please update me on your progress by

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3 thoughts on “First Consumer Debt Consolidation is Missing in Action With Americorp”

  1. Steve, thank you for passing my contact information on to “Norma”. To date, I have not received an email or call. Should you correspond with Norma again, please let her know that First Consumer Debt Consolidation is anxious to assist and to simply contact me…..Thank You–Mark Brodi

  2. Sir, you are amazing!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me for free. At last, someone on the internet who is real and honest. I will keep you updated. I just wish I could do something for you…..


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