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“Dear Steve,

I would like to know if this site is safe. I saw in Wallet Pop a financial newsletter that you can get you credit score for free at CreditKarma. I tried it and it gave me a score. If this is real ,it sure beats paying for it or joining some membership and creating another bill. Let us know what you think, a lot of people value your opinion. Thank You


Dear Lynn,

I am familiar with CreditKarma.com and it is a place where you can get a one bureau credit score. Overall I really like their site and free service. Getting your credit score is free, so people wonder what the catch is.

Actually there is no catch except once CreditKarma.com has your credit score they can then tailor financial products to sell you. That’s not a negative per-se but just something to be aware of.

A free one bureau credit score is helpful but if you wanted to monitor your overall financial health, it’s a bit of an incomplete picture. Not all credit bureaus use the same score formula so your scores can vary quite a bit. Also, unlike a monitoring service, with CreditKarma.com you won’t receive alerts of changes on your credit report.

But if you just want to follow your credit score along for free and login on a monthly basis, CreditKarma is a service worth using.

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  1. Actually, creditkarma does send you notices when changes are made in your credit report. I have been a creditkarma member for about 6 months now. They said I had a credit score of 506, showed me what credit cards I had a good chance of being approved for to help rebuild my credit, they gave wonderful pro’s and con’s of each card, and by showing you your approval odds for receiving a credit card; it helps you limit unnecessary hard credit inquiries. With creditkarma’s help, I was able tto raise my credit score to 616, I have not paid them a dime, I don’t get flooded with spam from them or their affiliates, and I know what cards I qualify for (I now have 3, 1 secured from capital one and 2 unsecured) They do explain that this score they give is only one score and other scores may vary, they really seem to be very honest and don’t try to hide things from you. I highly recommend creditkarma.com to everyone I can.


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