New Mailer Promoting Attorney Model Debt Settlement for FTC TSR

Thanks to a tipster (send in your tips here), here is the latest email that is being sent around promoting an attorney model to deal with the FTC TSR rules.

It is not clear from the mailer if this is simply an advertisement to help debt settlement companies comply with the new rules or providing a solution they think will get around the new rules. The contact information was for ‘affiliates’ so I’ll let you draw your own conclusion.

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October 27th is Only 70 Days Away…Do You Know What You’re Going to Do?

With the release of the FTC TSR Amendment, many business owners in the Debt Settlement industry are struggling to determine which steps to take next. We fully grasp that each business owner has to analyze for themselves the Advance Fee Ban’s impact on operational overhead, marketing costs, client cancellations risks, and profit margins, as well as whether or not it makes long term sense to stay in the Debt Settlement industry.

But, before those questions can be answered, an initial question has to be addressed: How do I even modify my current business model to work within the constraints of this new ruling? With the countdown to October 27th at only 70 days away, [****] Law Group would like offer you our Compliant Solution and assist in guiding you through these difficult times.

Well before the finalization of the ruling we were already working on building a sustainable attorney-based model for this industry; and we have developed a framework to be successful within the guidelines of this new legislation.

[****] Law Group Provides:

  • A compliant attorney model file approval process and servicing structure covering 48 States and 2 U.S. Territories – Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
  • Various opportunities to partner with [****] Law Group that will fit with the best way to modify your individual business model for compliance
  • Multiple payment schedule options which give consumers the ability to choose the best route for them to reach financial freedom
  • Educational resources and tools to reduce creditor harassment of clients
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Why [****] Law Group?
Because our ideology is simple: We are looking to focus on the best interest of our clients while offering each of our Servicing partners a turnkey solution to succeeding within the changing Debt Settlement industry. To achieve a strategic advantage and long-term viability, Servicing companies must have a clear understanding of regulations and the means to stay in compliance.

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