Fishing for Suckers. Easy Money. How to Find People Willing to Part With Their Money.

This little gem is for all the people that think scams, suckers, flimflams, and cons are something recently invented. They most certainly are not.

Here is an interesting book from 1916 titled:

From the preface:

There is an almost universal desire in all of us to have ”lots of money.” The desire to get it easily and quickly has afforded the get-rich-quick promoter his chance to “fish for suckers.” Indeed, this branch of the piscatorial art has so large a following of these “anglers” that the government is compelled to employ considerable “machinery” in order to keep these covetous “fishermen” from making “suckers” where none were before. The classified advertising columns of newspapers and magazines have been the medium through which much of the glittering “bait” has been cast to catch the unwary and innocent “fish.”

But the “love of money” is only one among many forms in which the “average human” shows his likeness in gullibility to his finny brother. Another lure which attracts the attention of many is “photos (of women) — the kind men want, but seldom get” In the same class is the “rich, rare and racy book.”

The following pages contain the amusing experiences of one who has been curious to know some
of the “schemes back of the ads”—curious to see the “kind of photos men want, but seldom get”;
to read some of the books, so-called, that are “rich, rare and racy”; to learn the “naked” truth about
what happened to Estelle; to learn what was the “warmest stuff ever put in print” by reading “Fast
Life in Chicago,” with the story of “how Olga got broke in” and “Kittie’s thrilling experiences with a
rounder”; to learn the “moral” from the startling truths revealed in “From the Ballroom to Hell”; why
only men should read “Cousin Maud,” “A Woman’s Blighted Life,” “The Pace That Kills” and heed the
warning in “A Bad Woman’s Influence,” and — others! how any intelligent person, without experience, in spare time, may earn $15 to $25 a week corresponding for newspapers and magazines; how to “go on the stage”; how to learn a trade in a few hours that will net $5 and more a day; how to learn to paint pictures in one lesson with oil paints; how to “make $2000 easy money quick” for two one-cent stamps; how to write “song poems” for publication; how to get a life job with Uncle Sam, with sure work, big pay, easy hours, long vacations and steady advancement; how to make money in grain; how to win at cards and dice; how to be a movie actor and draw a large salary, have pleasant work and travel; how S15 invested in some “great oil field” may make S1500; how $10 a day may be made tacking signs; how to obtain a $35 watch for 55 cents; how to get 25 cents apiece for names and addresses; how to be a detective at $300 a month and travel all over the world; how to be a prospector (with a $50 “dip” needle); how to make a steady income knitting at home; how to get a big mail every day of samples, circulars and advertising matter; how to make $100 a month mailing postcards, without capital or hard work; how to get a wife with $50,000 in the bank; how to raise ginseng, mushrooms and Belgian hares in the back yard, and last, but not least, how a “fortune can be made in the mail order business,” without capital and at home during spare moments in the evening!

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In plain view a little pea is rolled under one of three little shells. He who is vain of his eyesight,
but ignorant of the game, is sure he knows under which little shell the little pea is rolled. It looks
like “easy money.” If he who reads this book be not as vain of his reasoning powers as one who is
vain of his eyesight, this contribution to the literature of advertising will not be without interest, and — amusement.

Download the Book Here

You can download this fascinating little book and see that times really have not changed and sadly people do still fall for the very same schemes. Be sure you don’t repeat history and fall for this age old tricks.

Download the PDF here: Fishing for Suckers.


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