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Where Are My Missing Payments With United Financial Systems? – Kim

“Dear Steve,

Never late or misses any payments to 10 large credit card debts, but had over 40000 in debt and was panicking.

Joined United Finanical and have had 30 on time payments taken from our checking account every month since April 2008. Only 24 payments have been made to our 10 creditors since then….Should I hire a lawyer? I am at my witts end….1 thousand excuses why, creditors banging my doors down? IT SHOULD BE SIMPLE…..”take the payment from us, pay the creditors” This is not at all the case and I dont know what to do, 1 thousand phone calls… solution, where is my money? I have called and e mailed, they say they are auditing my account (AGAIN) and payments will be made, but that promise for me is OLD! Please help me.


Dear Kim,

That is very disturbing. Others have raised questions about United Financial as well here and Jaime Lyons from United Financial has posted comments so maybe they will post a comment here as well to help us understand what is going on.

United Financial Systems current has a D- rating with the BBB and 181 complaints (source) against them. I just happen to know that less than two weeks ago they had 170 complaints against them so some tremendous is happening with them.

I take missing payments very seriously. It strikes at the very heart of a company trusted to manage your funds, actually being able to do that.

While I generally urge people to attempt to work out these types of issues with their debt relief company directly first, in this case with the large numbers of sudden complaints against the company and the number of missing payments I would suggest you switch companies immediately. In fact you might want to click here for credit counseling information.

Update September 7, 2010

A tipster (send in your tips here) pointed out that United Financial has five attorney general complaints in Florida, all stemming from 2010.

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Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.


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  • I have had my last two payments not disbursed to my creditors as well. Oct and Nov are in LIMBO! I received a disturbing call yesterday from another company (with all my personal information) that was , as they stated, given to them from UFS. They also stated UFS is no longer in business. Did anyone esle get these calls or know if UFS has left North America with all our money?? I cannot get trough to anyone’s voice mail, cannot even get to the new client voice mail. That option has neen removed. Anyone know Anything???

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