Debt Relief Industry Sued or Sanctioned

ABC Debt Relief, Kevin Devoto and Lloyd Regner Sued Again. This Time With X-Rated Allegations.

ABC Debt Relief had been sued previously by one of their senior debt consultants, G. Chris Onorato. For some reason Onorato sought new counsel and filed a new suit against ABC Debt Relief and this time names Kevin Devoto as an owner of ABC Debt Relief.

Up until this point the fact Kevin Devoto was an owner of ABC Debt Relief has been secret or at least not publicly available as far as I could find. I first came across the name when ABC Debt Relief tried to get a story about them pulled from the site. See the update on this story. In the document that was sent to me it listed Kevin Devoto as owner and that started a search for who was the guy. I’d not heard of him before and his name was not listed in any other public document I’d seen about ABC Debt Relief.

From the September 10, 2010 suit by G. Chris Onorato against ABC Debt Relief, Lloyd Regner, and Kevin Devoto. – Source

  • Defendant Lloyd Regner (“Regner”) is an owner and Chief Executive Officer of
    ABC Debt Relief, Ltd. Co. During all material times, Regner was a supervisor of Plaintiff actively involved in the management of ABC. Service of process may be had on Lloyd Regner at 12655 N. Central Expressway, Suite 800, Dallas, Texas 75243.

  • Defendant Kevin Devoto is (“Devoto”) is an owner of ABC Debt Relief, Ltd. Co. During all material times, Devoto was a supervisor of Plaintiff actively involved in the management of ABC. Service of process may be had on Kevin Devoto at 12655 N. Central Expressway, Suite 800, Dallas, Texas 75243.
  • On or about January 3, 2010, Plaintiff became employed by ABC. Plaintiff’s job title was Senior Debt Consultant.
  • During Plaintiff’s employment with ABC, one of ABC’s other Senior Debt Consultants, Robert McLain, referred to one of ABC’s female employees, Melissa Laroach, as a “slut” and a “whore.” Laroach heard McLain do so and began crying. Plaintiff told McLain to stop doing so. McLain responded to Plaintiff, “You must be a faggot.” McLain then sent an email to ABC’s other employees with a “photo shopped” photograph attached which suggested that Plaintiff was holding a penis-shaped ice cream cone. McLain also told ABC’s other employees that Plaintiff drank “penis coladas.” Previously, McLain had distributed in the office a photograph of Mel Gibson and told others there that Plaintiff was in love with Gibson.
  • Plaintiff complained to ABC about McLain’s actions. Specifically, Plaintiff complained to Cameron Knox (Sales Manager), Devoto, and Rick Longo (Chief Financial Officer). After Plaintiff did so, ABC took away his position as a “team leader” and provided him with fewer leads than he had previously received. These actions resulted in Plaintiff losing income. ABC justified these actions based upon Plaintiff’s allegedly poor performance, but Plaintiff’s performance was better than that of other employees who were not subjected to these adverse employment actions.
  • On July 1, 2010, Plaintiff threatened ABC with legal action based upon the harassment, discrimination, and retaliation outlined above. At the same time, Plaintiff threatened ABC with legal action for violating the FLSA by failing to pay him overtime to which he was entitled.
  • During Plaintiff’s employment with ABC, Plaintiff routinely worked in excess of 40 hours per week. Defendants knew that Plaintiff was doing so and directed him to do so. Defendants did not pay Plaintiff at a rate of at least time-and-a-half for all hours in excess of 40 per week that Plaintiff worked.
  • ABC paid Plaintiff on a commission-only basis. ABC did not classify Plaintiff as an “exempt” employee, and Plaintiff’s duties did not make him exempt under the FLSA.
  • Shortly after Plaintiff threatened ABC with legal action, ABC placed Plaintiff on unpaid administrative leave. Since that date, Plaintiff has not been allowed to perform any work for ABC. Plaintiff has been constructively terminated.
  • Plaintiff is 50 years old. At all times, Plaintiff has been qualified to be a Senior Debt Consultant.
  • Younger, similarly-situated employees of ABC whose performance has not been as good as Plaintiff’s performance have not (a) had their title removed, (b) had leads taken from them, or (c) been placed on unpaid administrative leave.
  • Similarly-situated employees of ABC who did not complain of unlawful harassment and discrimination and whose performance has not been as good as Plaintiff’s performance have not (a) had their title removed, (b) had leads taken from them, or (c) been placed on unpaid administrative leave.
  • All of the adverse employment decisions involving Plaintiff, and the decision not to pay him overtime, were made in full or in part by Devoto and Regner.
  • As a result of Defendants’ wrongful conduct, Plaintiff has suffered emotional distress.
  • Defendants’ actions against Plaintiff were intentional, willful and malicious.

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Update February 4, 2013

In a similar situation the court issued an opinion in Brian PARKER, Michael Frank, Mark Dailey,
and Jeremy Cozart, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, Plaintiffs, v.
ABC DEBT RELIEF, LTD. CO., the Debt Answer, LLC, Lloyd Ward, P.C. d/ b/a Lloyd Ward & Associates, Lloyd Regner, and Lloyd ward, Defendants.

You can read that full court opinion here.

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  • This is nothing but a witch hunt. Lloyd Regner did work ALL the time, Stephine Cherwin also worked all the time at the company. They are very nice and good people. This is about bad people taking advantage of good people like the named above to make up lies and try to get money from them. Shame on you all for the way you try to hurt others to benefit yourself. Oh you just drum up crap and make up stuff and hurt good people so you can try to profit. Shame, Shame on you. You do not have your facts straight and should remember it will come back to you someday. Always does and you will regret ever screwing with these nice people. If Stephine filed for a divorce….geez that happens a lot, marriage is tough, and so don’t make up stuff because they had some things to work on in their marriage. They are good parents, and very good people. Stop this now while you have time, don’t be so greedy as to take from these people because you want their money. What your doing to them is very sad. How do you sleep at night, Money won’t solve your life and you won’t be happy if you get money by hurting someone else.

  • Previous Employee of ABC-

    Robert get a life man, you call yourself a Chrisitian but there are so many things that you have done at CSA and also at ABC that are far from Chrisitan behavior. Don’t put up a front like our so called Coach at ABC (no names needed). The sad part is this is how the story played out but he can’t admit to his wrongful doing, you would think a Christian man would admit to his wrong doings and take ownership to try and resolve the issue. But not Robert he will just call Kevin and expect something to be taken care of since he messed up.

  • Robert,

    If you are trying to reach the attorney that filed the suit you can find the firms information on the lawsuit linked in the story above. My article was that the suit was filed. The allegations made in the suit are reported by the attorneys, and part of the public record, for your friend and filed by the attorney on behalf of Chris.

    Is your claim that the attorneys are lying?

    If you are willing for me to call you and record a telephone interview with you about this case, let me know and I’ll be happy to do that so you can get your side of the story out.

    If you want to talk to the people that made and filed the allegations you need to talk to the attorneys below. They are the attorneys for Chris Onorato. But you might want to have your attorney speak to them on your behalf instead of you contacting them directly.

    Robert J. Wood, Jr.
    State Bar No. 00788712
    [email protected]

    Gregory B. Fell
    State Bar No. 00790670
    [email protected]

    3021 E. Renner Road, Suite 140
    Richardson, Texas 75082
    972-664-0470 (fax)

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