FBL Associates Claims They Help Police Raid Debt Relief Office of Attorney Evan Kagan. Kagan Denies Allegation.

This statement was just posted by a commenter who either has a contact inside FBL Associates or is with FBL Associates. I have reached out to FBL Associates and Evan Kagan for comment but have not heard back by the time this was posted.

UPDATE: See rebuttal statement below from Evan Kagan Esq., saying it is untrue.

UPADTE: See short statement from Frank Linder saying it was true.

BIG UPDATE: New Information and documentation, here.

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FBL Associates, PC Update


On October 13, 2010, the Law Offices of Evan Kagan were raided by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and a division of the Secret Service with warrants and criminal subpoenas. We assume the criminal authorities seized computers and other data. This action is a direct result from the investigation by FBL Associates that was initiated with our investigation survey. FBL Associates has been actively producing evidence and providing that to P&E Solutions and to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office regarding alleged identity theft of customer information from the ESP software system for telemarketing purposes. In addition, FBL Associates will be filing an injunction to further civilly support the alleged allegations against Evan Kagan law offices. FBL Associates has also collected documentation with multiple affidavits that implies alleged telemarketer criminal co-conspiracy. We will be providing that information, as appropriate, to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

It is our expectation to finish completing the data regarding certain telemarketing companies in the next couple days. We do not want to assume a knowledgeable criminal conspiracy. It will be my expectation to reach out to telemarketing companies where suspicious evidence arises and then give them the opportunity to explain the circumstances before any assumptions are made. It is a felony to aid, abet, and assist in any way a third party from stealing a person’s identity from an internet-based software for the purposes of telemarketing that individual for gain. I truly hope that we can address these issues in a way where this matter can be laid to rest.

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FBL Associates will be taking any steps necessary to protect consumers. Be on notice, this is not the only alleged criminal activity that we are currently following up on. We are in the process of communicating with other state legal authorities.

For telemarketing companies who feel that they have acted ethically, we expect your cooperation. If some anomalies are present, the telemarketing companies will be given the opportunity to take corrective action.



Statement From Evan Kagan, Esq.

That email is 100% false. My law offices were not raided and my law office was not served with any search warrant or criminal subpoena. FBL knows very well that they had an attorney referral service raided on the perjured testimony of a former employee of both the referral company and FBL’s prior entity. These debt settlement companies will stoop to any level to continue to steal from consumers. Lifeguard and its related entities are under investigation and their customers are jumping ship. FBL is the continuation of Lifeguard and they are trying to fill their pockets as fast as they can.

The referral company was back in business within two hours and no items were seized from them. It is ridiculous that I even need to respond to items like this, which become consumers reference when doing their “google” research. The truth is that FBL is just the current form of what was the long list of disreputable debt settlement companies which began as LifeGuard. Now they are taking innocent consumers that wanted to find a way out of debt and become bankable again, and pushing those consumers into bankruptcy to extract more fees.

I am disappointed that an attorney (Frank Lindner) would publish lies and misrepresentations to the public, but this defamation will result in legal action. Even a basic investigation would show that my law office has never engaged in telemarketing, has never purchased any leads of any kind, nor do I have any involvement in any entity doing any of those activities. A similar investigation with show that FBL Associates is just Lifeguard by another name and that Lindner’s sister owned a branch of the prior entity with him.

Statement From Frank Linder of FBL Associates

I asked Frank Linder to confirm the statement of the raid was true and he said, “Yes and we are undertaking other issues that will develop soon with other companys.”

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