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A tipster (send in your tips here) sent the following email in that was received from Debt Care Processing (site archive) / Debt Care USA (site archive).

The offer seems to be very light on FTC TSR compliance and how to stay out of trouble. It does mention face-to-face meetings with the traditional and hybrid models but hopefully anyone wandering into becoming an affiliate would do a lot of research here on the land mines.

What is interesting is they are promoting a model that can pay 100% commission in as little as 15 months on a 31-42 month program. It also promotes setup fees and front loads the commission.


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The Affiliate Pitch

Subject: Debt Care USA’s 100% Commission Opportunity! All setup fees waived!

Introducing Debt Care Processing’s
100% hybrid commission opportunity!
The best of both worlds!
Debt Care Processing waives all partnership start fees starting 10/28/2010!

Introducing Debt Care Processing’s 100% Hybrid commission Opportunity

Please choose one of the following business models: _____________
(Choose from the Basic, Traditional or Hybrid models)

Program Name, Enrollment fee, Key Features

• 60% Commission on every file submitted.
• Daily Reporting including client updates.
• Streamlined underwriting process.

WAIVED 10/27/10
• 80% Commission on every file submitted.
• $40 monthly maintenance fee
• $ 199 setup fee charged to customer
• Face-to-Face signing paid By Debt Care Processing!
• Daily Reporting including client updates.
• Streamlined underwriting process with fast approval of files.
• Instant set up & training for sales team (within 48 hours, including software training)

HYBRID $5000
WAIVED 10/27/10
• 100% Commission on every file submitted over 25k
• 80% Commission on every file submitted under 25k
• $65 monthly maintenance fee over 25k
• $40 monthly maintenance fee under 25k
• $199 setup fee charged to customer
• Face-to-Face signing paid by Debt Care Processing!
• All advantages of Basic & traditional model included with day set up & training for sales team (Within 24 hours, including software training)
• Choose from 2 different programs to offer to client (Beat the competition) depending upon clients situation & debt amount.

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No of months in Program No of months to get paid complete fee
3-20 Months 8 Months
21-30 Months 12 Months
31-42 Months 15 Months
43-48 Months 18 Months

* Must meet Debt Care Processing’s minimum standard requirements for the 100% Hybrid option.

Call Debt Care Processing now at 866-960-1314 x 1

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  • I’m in the Industry and everything here you are saying seems like unwarranted slander… I wonder how Debt Care would feel about this. I have a buddy that works for them and I KNOW they are always 100% in compliance. Your comments really are without any substance. Your comment on the Face to Face and a 16k pop for example. By using the face to face you are exempt from the law! You should really get your facts straight!

  • Debt Care USA offers a 100% compliant TSR model to all affiliates seeking shelter from unlawful backend debt settlement processors. Debt Care USA has implemented an amazingly efficient face to face signing that meets all FTC regulations to be exempt from the TSR rule. Debt Care USA discloses this process in full detail after the proper NDA has been signed from the affiliate prospect.

    Debt Care USA does NOT front load commissions for affiliates as other backend debt settlement companies do. This allows Debt Care to work with the customer and assisting them into accumulating more savings so Debt Care USA can settle debts faster!

    Debt Care USA offers a streamlined underwriting process which insures the customer enrollment and processing goes smoothly. During the underwriting process nothing is left unnoticed assuring all account information and program details are correct. This is a process Debt Care USA does not take lightly and the compliance requirements in this department is second to none!

    Debt Care USA’s Face-to-Face signing assures our affiliates that we are operating in a fully compliant FTC model which has been signed off on by the Industries top attorneys! Debt Care USA spares to cost at when it comes to complying with all regulations and laws!

    Below is a letter from Mrs. Brown directly from the FTC explaining in full detail how the Face-To-Face exemption allows companies such as Debt Care USA to operate in compliance and continue to offer an amazing service which is sorely needed in this current economy!

    “The key to the face to face exemption is the direct and personal contact between the buyer and the seller. If you have face to face sales presentations with consumers before signing them up or accepting any fees, then you’ll qualify for the face to face exemption.
    On the other hand, you can’t get out of the rule by hiring people to have cursory pre-enrollment meetings with consumers before signing them up. Webcam conversations and other online interactions do not count as person to person face to face meetings. Face to face meetings must be in person.”

    Debt Care USA pays out 15% commissions in as little as 15 months depending on the months of the customers selected program. Debt Care USA makes sure the customer has money going into the savings account of the customer from their first payment. Debt Care USA is proud to continue to take care of our customers by also having the lowest monthly maintenance fees in the industry.

    Debt Care USA is proud to announce an amazing 100% commission to all affiliates wanting to offer Debt Settlement services to those in need. Debt Care is able to offer this amazing job stimulating opportunity in order to boost jobs and to go help those in need of help with their debt!

    Debt Care is proud to offer the highest commission in the industry while also having the lowest fees charged to the customer.

    Go to : to find out more!!!!!

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