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Small Business Debt Assistance Program Fax – Watch Out

A reader forwarded the following fax they received to me from the Small Business Debt Assistance Program.

It appears nothing more than a pitch which does not appear to conform to the new FTC telemarketing sales rules. Most worrisome is the statement “Troubling economic times present a unique opportunity to reduce your unsecured debts and tax obligations by as much as 50% and become debt free in as little as 12-36 months.”

If you’ve received this fax or one like it, be very careful before you accept this offer.

The website the marketing material references is limited.

As you can see the site displays a logo that says “U.S. National Debt Relief Plan” and the flag in the logo. It could make it appear that it is somehow an official government plan. The site also displays the old logo for a trade association called AADMO that went out of business over a year ago.

The site also displays the USOBA logo but USOBA has no record of them being a member or anyone named Derrick Noble.

The site is owned by:

Jim Dyche
Prime Funding Direct
2450 White Rd Ste 250
Irvine, CA 92614

A previous online comment indicates a similar fax has been sent out since at least June 2, 2010.

Junk fax from “Small Business Debt Assistance Program” addressed to a business name and owner about eight/nine years out of date. Comes with an official-looking “file number” and expiration date of today, as well as a flag-decorated seal-like logo for “US National Debt Relief Program”. Website given: (a government-run website, as implied by the logo, would have .gov) and signed by one “Derrick Noble”, and to call him at 888-710-5840.

Removal instructions lead to the bogus or 888-881-4812. – Source


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  • I can tell you it’s impossible to get him or the organization to stop faxing you.  I’ve used the automated system via telephone at their business number; I’ve used the automated opt-out number; I’ve spoken to more than one person on the phone at their organization; I’ve e-mailed David Russ (the most recent name listed); and I’ve used the opt-out website.  Nothing works.  He/they are refusing to comply with any opt-out requests.  Short of litigation, what are a person’s options?

    • If you can get their fax number, fax them a black sheet of paper for a few days.  It run our their ink.  You can also keep calling their 888 number from a pay phone when you are out and just let the phone hang so their phone bill skyrockets.

  • “Huckloogee” do you have anything to substantiate that this program is fraud? The website seems to be up. Have you enrolled in the program?

  • Do you have anything to substantiate whether or not this is a legit program? Did you go through the program yourself?

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