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A tipster (send in your tips here) brought the following site to my attention, The tipster (send in your tips here) said:

Who is buying leads from this company? They are clearly lead gen based. They may be selling leads to companies that are not aware of what they are saying to a consumer to have them fill out their forms, then passing it on to them. YES, the debt settlement or cccs company is ultimately responsible but you know that these lead source providers will say one thing and do another. They have been one of the major causes of misleading ads to consumers. If a DS or CCCS company is knowingly buying these leads or once exposed, continue to purchase from this source, then they should be equally exposed.

So let’s take a look at the one page site.

Here are some quick observations:

  1. The TRUSTe and CyberTrust links don’t work.
  2. I seriously doubt the “featured on” logos are accurate. Was this site actually covered by a journalist on these sites or did they just advertise on those networks?
  3. Are the debt relief claims made accurate? In my opinion, they seem blatantly deceptive but what do you think?

The site is owned by:

Marley There Marketing
2232 S. Nellis Blvd Suite G3
Las Vegas, NV 89107

I checked the TRUSTe directory for Marley There Marketing and there was no listing. In addition the CyberTrust seal displayed is not valid after June, 2010 when Verizon bought CyberTrust and changed the seal.

When you complete the information request form on the site you get this page.

The page pushes the sale of a credit report and it is interesting the page says, “Answer the following security question to expedite the processing of your debt application:”

After completing the form I was immediately contacted by and who were trying to sell debt settlement services.

More Information

The following sites reside on the same server:

I think you’ll find one of the other sites interesting.


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  • In my opinion, since the owner of this site sole purpose is to present opinions and insite for consumers about their financial needs and lately the biggest topic has been the investigations of debt relief companies that having these ads posted is making Steves job easier to research on. thats my opinion. If I was a journalist and I am writing about Food Chains, and all my ads is filled with Companies providing Food that will make my job easier to write about especially if someone points out a company that is listed.

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