Non-Profit Credit Counseling Group Effectively Missing in Action. United Financial Systems Leaves People Stranded.

I’ve been writing about United Financial Systems for a while now and early on I predicted United Financial Systems look primed for an implosion. In fact my article on October 25, 2010 was “United Financial Systems Looks Set to Implode. Run For The Hills!

What really disappoints me about this situation is that, for whatever reason, a 501(c)3 charity has created a situation which financial harms the very people it is supposed to serve.

But on October 25, 2010 I was disappointed, now I’m just madder than hell about this. Just today I received an entry from the Debt Relief Scams Database, about United Financial Systems.

The filing said:

“I have been a customer of United Financial Systems for several years now. Things were going fine until starting in October of 2009. I watch all of my accounts like a hawk. UFS takes their money out of my account regularly and ON TIME. However, I had begun noticing that they take their money out of my account on the 5th of the month and the money isn’t applied to my credit cards until over 30 – THIRTY days later. If they are able to electronically remove the money from my account, there is no reason why they cannot apply the money to my accounts the same way within the SAME week. Their practices are unacceptable. I have called to complain, and WHEN I get a human, they have told me to change the due date on my accounts. I have done that three times. They remove the money on the 5th and isn’t applied to my account until the 11 of the FOLLOWING month.

When I spoke with one of the managers there, they said that there was a “glitch” with my account and that it is fixed. Still no resolution. I have put together a lengthy complaint FULL of documentation and am filing it with the BBB AND the Attorney General. You do NOT mess with people’s money….I see what they are doing and they are not playing this game with me.

Example of what they are doing….

On November 5th 2009 they removed money from my account….my creditors didn’t receive it until December 7th.

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On December 5th 2009, they removed money from my account….it is now January 9th and my creditors STILL have YET to receive my payments.

On January 5th 2010 they removed money from my account and it hasn’t reached my creditors yet.

I was paying two months worth of late payments on my accounts and being threatened to be removed from the program by my creditors.

Please be very careful before choosing to work with UFS. Trying to get a hold of a human-being on the phone is a nightmare. I have called multiple times where someone answers the phone and then immediately hangs up. Or you get transferred to electronic message after electronic message….or to a voicemail box that is repeatedly full.

My November 2010 payment was withdrawn by UF on November 5, 2010 and it is now December 2nd 2010 and it still hasn’t reached my creditor. This company is horrendous and their client service manager, Jamie Lynons is unresponsive.

They have a rating of D- on this site — and it really should be an F.

Research this company BEFORE you use them. Please learn my from my mistakes.

What I want to know is how I go about getting my payment to my creditor as well as the hefty deposit UFS took from me – which I am supposed to received back once I complete their program.”

Until recently customers of UFS had said they had been able to get in touch with Jamie Lyons, the Client Service Manager of United Financial Systems at jlyons@unitedfinancial.org.

According to public documents about United FInancial Systems, as of May 31, 2009 they had lost $337.300 during the and its liabilities exceeded its assets leaving it effectively insolvent.

At the time Christopher Boulahanis was earning $220,000 a year as president and treasurer. His wife, Kathryn Zaleznak, the HR manager was earning $105,500. – Source

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I have attempted to contact both Jamie Lyons and Christopher Boulahanis for this article but by the time of publication, neither had responded.

In my research I came across a fact that concerns me in light of the unresponsiveness of the company, the many consumer complains, the 300+ BBB complaints, etc. Apparently the Florida license for the company expires in less than three weeks.

Since I have not heard back from Boulahanis I spent a few minutes looking around for additional information. Apparently Boulahanis is involved in Jenson Group, Inc. (source), Global Credit Management, Inc. (source), Global Tax Relief, LLC (source), and it appears that prior to the forming of United Financial Systems he was involved as the sole incorporator of First Franklin Cash Center, Inc. (source).

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Frequent readers of the site will be interested to note the lawyer completing the incorporation documents for Global Tax Relief is Robby Birnbaum of Greenspoon Marder.

At this point I’m standing by my previous advice given in this article.

I’ve been helping people and involved in the debt relief world since 1994 and I can tell you with a high degree of confidence, this situation with United Financial Systems is not going to end well. Get out now and if you are owed money, follow this guide for an attempted refund. Those that make claims first have the best chance of getting something back.

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