Debt Relief Industry Do They Comply? Marketing

National Debt Relief Initiative – Marketing Fakery. Shame on You Credit Answers.

I see consumers are still asking me about mailers they are getting that look like official government documents and have a return address of:

National Debt Relief Initiative
PO Box 96503 #10680
Washington, DC 20090-6503.

As you can see by the image below, the self sealing mailer certainly appears to be an official mailing by glancing at it. Putting “This is not a government document” does not make it look any less like it is and that it contains a check.

Once you open the mailer the first and only thing the recipient sees is what appears to be an official looking government check. It has all the appearance of a check and is made out to the consumer.

The next panel appears unremarkable and certainly someone that just receive a big check is not going to stop to read it. On one hand the disclaimer says the service is not affiliated with any government agency. On the other hand it does say that consumers should expect a payoff average of 40%-60% of the enrolled debt and if someone was to read the print on the back they may have the impression they would receive a similar result.

Once you flip past the check it unfolds to the offer which only continues the appearance it is an official government document from Washington, DC. The mailer announces eligibility for something called the National Debt Relief Initiative.

Here is a short movie showing the mailer as it is opened.

I called the number on the check, 800-453-9188, and it was answered by a representative that identified herself as being with Credit Answers.


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