Alleged World Law Debt Marketing Insider Leaks Warning to Consumers

The following post was written and contributed by someone familiar with the operation you will read about below. It is third-party supplied content. At the bottom of the story is a section with the results of the facts I was able to independently check. By Anonymous On May 23, 2013 first reported a story … Read more

National Debt Relief Initiative – Marketing Fakery. Shame on You Credit Answers.

I see consumers are still asking me about mailers they are getting that look like official government documents and have a return address of: National Debt Relief Initiative PO Box 96503 #10680 Washington, DC 20090-6503. As you can see by the image below, the self sealing mailer certainly appears to be an official mailing by … Read more

Is There Really a President Obama’s Credit Card Debt Relief Program? – Dream

I have credit card debt of more than $10,000 and I’ve heard more than 10,000 misleading answers to a very simple question. Is there really an honest to goodness, real, and true program spearheaded by President Barak Obama called, (or similarly called) “President Obama’s Credit Card Debt Relief Program”? whose main and only purpose is … Read more

Should I Stick With CCCS of San Francisco or Go With the National Debt Relief Initiative and Pathway Financial Management? – Tina

“Dear Steve, I have acquired some credit card debt and last year found myself not being able to keep up with my payments. I had $34k in debt and went through a program through my credit union called Balance for Debt Consolidation. I started on a DMP July 2009 with Consumer Credit Counseling Service located … Read more