Rally in Raleigh 2010 – Video of Session on How to Deal With State Regulators With Lynne Weaver, Assistant Attorney General, NC

Below you will find a video from our Rally in Raleigh meeting in North Carolina on November 13, 2010.

Lynne Weaver from the North Carolina Attorney General office joined us to discuss why debt relief companies appear on the radar of regulators, how to best deal with regulators, how to work with regulators, what companies most often do wrong that causes them to become targets of regulators and a whole lot more.

The presentation talks about how multiple states coordinate enforcement and how states work together to share information.

The attorney model is discussed and concerns that it presented and why it is on the attention of regulators. We also discuss why the advertising and public claims that seem unrealistic made create a red flag for regulators.


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16 thoughts on “Rally in Raleigh 2010 – Video of Session on How to Deal With State Regulators With Lynne Weaver, Assistant Attorney General, NC”

  1. I just hope USOBA and TASC have no part in whatever association or coalition is being formed, they have done enough damage to this industry and Im afraid it’s too late for a change of heart.

  2. Here’s another post of an attorney who got into trouble for circumventing the new FTC ruling. If a single penny is paid by the attorney to the “affiliate” that is considered fee splitting. Ask yourself how the attorney is able to give away a piece of the fee and it not be considered fee splitting?


  3. Regardless, the FTC has made it crystal clear that they will be aggressively pursuing attorney based debt settlement companies. This model will fail miserably and you will see a lot of attorneys getting disbarred as a result. The attorney model simply replaces the upfront fee model and harms the consumer; just do it the right way and you will avoid heavy fines and stay out of jail.

  4. At 43:57 a lady on the left speaks about a state law guide that she produces, who is this lady or what organization is she from?

  5. Steve,
    If you could, she never finished that list of 10 things to test for regarding a valid Attorney Based Debt Settlement relationship?
    1. Does the attorney receive the funds..?


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