Preferred Financial Solutions, CCR Now, Credit Card Relief Claims to be Attorney Debt Settlement Firm

As part of my project to capture debt relief television marketing claims I captured the video below which claims to be the debt settlement industry leader and the only true attorney driven national mediation debt settlement law firm program in the country.


So I called the number in the commercial, 800-936-1263 and it was answered by a representative that said they were actually Preferred Financial Solutions at ccrnow.com.

The claims and statements in the commercial are:

  • the are the industry leader. – Graphic
  • “Don’t throw in the towel and declare bankruptcy before you consider your alternatives.”
  • “Our national mediation law firm has an excellent record in working with creditors to settle your debts in months instead of years.”
  • “Let our proven leaders use their professional skills as mediation attorneys to settle your debts one card at a time.”
  • A safe and professional program. – Graphic
  • “Speak to the only truly attorney driven program in the country.”

It might have been a small inconsistency that struck me at first but the commercial claims the company is a national attorney driven law firm but the site says debt solutions are not available in all states. So which is it.

I Take a Closer Look

CCRNOW.com was registered May of 2005 and is registered to Preferred Companies, Inc, at 5656 W. 74th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46278. The administrative contact is Steve Duffey.

Their site gives me the distinct impressions Preferred Financial Solutions is not a law firm as the commercial leads people to believe. The description of the firm says,

Preferred Financial Solutions, Inc., an Indiana corporation, has been in business for over a decade settling more than $150 million in consumer debt for thousands of clients throughout the United States. The company is committed to providing our clients with the highest possible level of client services. As an attorney driven program our clients have access to the national mediation law firm Monday through Friday during regular business hours. – Source

The site says, “After your file is completed in Underwriting, you will be hearing from your Local Participating Program Attorney (LPPA) who will once again go over the program with you and ask you questions about your financial situation to determine whether or not Credit Card Relief is truly the right program for you.
Upon the LPPA’s approval, you are officially admitted to the Credit Card ReliefTM program.” – Source

That certainly sounds as if Preferred Financial Solutions is not a law firm but a conduit or lead generator for some entity that is not identified that may coordinate independent lawyers. Whatever the actual relationship is it certainly seems that is not how a typical consumer would interpret it by watching the commercial.

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The commercial says it is by Credit Card Relief, Inc. According to public records the principals of Credit Card Relief, Inc. are Jeffrey Brooks (President), and Daniel Yuska (Secretary).

Preferred Financial Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in July of 1999. The principals listed are Jeffrey Brooks (President), and Daniel Yuska (Secretary).

A search of the records of the Indiana Bar Association reveled that apparently neither Yuska or Brooks are attorneys.

Further evidence that the companies are not the law firm as represented in the commercial can be found in statements in their own newsletters:

  • “with the hard work by our National Mediation Law firm’s Representatives in dealing with creditors on behalf of our Clients.” – Source
  • “The only exception to this would be legal questions, in which case they will transfer your call directly to a Representative at Dakich & Associates, your national mediation law firm.” – Source

So after this initial look I’m curious how the commercial could not be viewed as deceptive. The underlying company appears to be neither national in scope nor include proven leaders who are attorneys.

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