Offering Any Debt Relief Services in Florida? Pay Attention. Telemarketer Arrested.

Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles Bronson has announced the arrest of a Lee County man for falsifying information on a state document that telemarketers are required to submit. 38 year old Jose A. Negron was charged with two 3rd degree felonies for falsification of a telephone salesperson application.

The department regulates telemarketers and state law requires them to obtain a Commercial Salesperson License. During an unrelated investigation, Bronson’s Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement determined that Negron had provided inaccurate information on his application for a license. The application specifically asks about a person’s criminal history and Negron answered no to several questions about previous arrests and convictions. Records reveal that Negron had been arrested and convicted of numerous crimes in the past including grand theft, burglary, dealing in stolen property and selling drugs. The application makes it clear that falsifying information is a third degree felony.

“Telemarketers reach into the homes of millions of people and may sometimes obtain personal information from the consumer,” Bronson said. “The laws governing telemarketing are there to provide some protections for the public. We take violations of the law very seriously and will pursue legal action in these cases.” Negron was arrested and booked into the Lee County jail. – Source

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