Consumer Legal Services America – Ira Frazer. Old Employment Ad, But Interesting.

Someone was just asking me about the network of affiliates working with Consumer Legal Services America and as a result I was looking up new information since the last comment on this site about them. I came across this ad they put out looking for debt settlement attorneys.

Lawyer: Consumer Legal Services America, Contact Person: Ira Frazer, Nationwide, Phone: 858-945-1078, Email:,

Description: Are you admitted to practice law in a jurisdiction other than California? Do you have a computer and a telephone? Are you interested in part-time legal work that you can do from anywhere at almost any time of the day or night? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you may be a person we are looking for.

We are looking for lawyers who are admitted outside of California to work with a California law firm and consumers outside of California in the area of debt settlement. You would affiliate with a nationwide legal network serving clients all over the United States.

No experience with debt settlement needed. We will provide training. You can perform the work from your home, your office or any location in the world. All you will need is access to a computer and a telephone.

This a perfect opportunity for those who have left the work force to raise a family, retired lawyers looking to keep active, recent law school graduates, lawyers looking to start their own practice, people who have relocated to a jurisdiction where they are not admitted and people looking to augment their current practice.

There may also be an opportunity for other work in other areas including bankruptcy and litigation.

Initially, this is a part-time arrangement of less than 5 hours a month. If you were interested and only if you are interested there could be opportunities for more hours. You will have complete flexibility.

While compensation will depend on the number of files handled, we estimate the effective hourly rate to be around $500. In addition, all lawyers will also participate in a profit sharing pool. We have openings for multiple lawyers and are especially interested in lawyers admitted in practice in one or more of the following states and US territories: Hawaii, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Idaho, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Maine, Utah, Vermont, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi.

Please contact Ira Frazer U Mich. Law 1980 at Make sure to include the state where you are admitted in the re line of your e-mail as well as a phone number and the time you can be reached by telephone.

The organization is located in Southern CA, but the lawyer can live anywhere in the world and do the work from anywhere in the world. The only requirements other than admission to a state is telephone and internet access.Source

Granted the employment advertisement is from 2008, but really, all you need is a phone and internet access?

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Consumer Legal Services America – Alabama

And then I came across Consumer Legal Services America in Mobile, Alabama. Does anyone know if these two groups are related? They seem to promote similar services and the AL site says they are a CA corporation.

To the best of my knowledge, Consumer Legal Services America is located at 6540 Lusk Blvd, Suite 158A, San Diego, CA 92121 or at 6061 Greenhedge Row, La Jolla, CA 92037.


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3 thoughts on “Consumer Legal Services America – Ira Frazer. Old Employment Ad, But Interesting.”

  1. This guy Ira Frazer is one of the biggest liars I have ever met, and the worst part is he is an attorney. He comes off as innocent Lawyer but all of his models are illegal. And he plays the middle man. Covering all his steps to keep himself protected. He tells you that he has a network of attorneys in other states that make your debt settlement or loan modification LEGAL. But it’s all a scam and Lie. He is constantly in LAWSUITS by companies that he works with. And the moment lawsuits from other states come forth he threatens to sue you.


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