Another Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Site Grows Out of Freedom Debt Center

I was reading a ripoff report complaint against Freedom Debt Center and when I clicked on the link for www.freedomdebtcenter.com it forwarded me to debtresolutioncenter.com which is owned by Jawad Nesheiwat. – Source, Source

This is interesting because this is yet another site that pretends to be a law firm operating as Legal helpers Debt Resolution but is most likely just an underlying affiliate posing as the law firm. See this story here for two more. Then there is this story with even more Legal Helpers Debt Resolution players.

This site identifies themselves as being located at:

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Center
3 Whatney, Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 877-833-3280

That address is the one used by Freedom Debt Center with 14 unanswered BBB complaints. That is frankly, shameful. – Source

Here was the consumer complaint from Ripoff Report that caught my eye.

We received a letter from Freedom Debt Center about debt consolidation services. On February 26, 2010 we signed up and agreed to pay $776.43 every month for the next three years.

FDC instructed us to send a letters to all our creditors. All correspondence coming from the creditors should be fax to them. Which we did.

The money was withdrawn from our checking account and Noteworld Servicing Center was the escrow account was on. After four months I checked the activities in our escrow account from Noteworld and noticed that the money was not there anymore. As soon as the money cleared FDC withdraw it and use it for something else.

None of our creditors were getting paid, our telephone keeps ringing from the collectors. Finally, we stopped paying FDC and close the account at Noteworld.

I asked Noteworld to return our money back, they sent us a paltry $75.94. Freedom Debt Center owed us $2,959.78. They claimed that was the service fee charge to us. For what exactly did they do? None of the creditors got paid, I was the one doing all the work by sending letters to creditors.

I sent letters to the attorney generals of Massachusetts and California, they told me to get a lawyer which my husband and I cannot afford.

I want this company punish for their fraudulent behaviour. They are nothing but a blood suckers, victimizing people who are already down and vulnerable.

I will appreciate any help on this matter. I don’t want this company to victimize any more people who are down on their luck just like us. – Source

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