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Interesting Approach. Apex Credit. Pay for Credit Repair in Advance and Get Debt Settlement if You Need It.

Apex Credit, located in California, has a new twist on selling debt settlement services.

Company agrees to provide credit restoration services to (“CLIENT”) under the terms and conditions of this Agreement (the “SERVICE”). The Service consists of credit report cleanup and the negotiation and settlement with creditors of unsecured debt on behalf of the Client if necessary to obtain this goal.

The monthly cost for this services is:

(a) Monthly Program Fee: This fee is $100.00. First payment due upon start. While majority of other companies collect all their fees upfront, we give you the opportunity to pay monthly costing consumers hundreds if not thousands less than before. Monthly program fee includes all faxing, mailers, communicating, and correspondence with the credit reporting agencies and or creditors when necessary. Program may take 1 to 42 months depending on thumbprint of clients file.

(b) Settlement Fee: Although this fee may not apply to all, Client is required to pay immediately upon settlement and invoice. This fee is 20% of the account balance when verified through credit report at start of Clients program. (Example: If the account balance was verified at $100.00 and a settlement is reached at $20.00, Client would be responsible to pay Company $20 for settlement fee and pay creditor $20.00 for what is owed). If Client agrees to a settlement with any creditor submitted to “Company”, then “Company” shall be entitled to the payment of settlement fees whether settled by “Company” or the Client.

You can read the client agreement here.

The company settling the debt is Hutton & Dougherty.

It is also interesting that the company is located in California at 22143 Cantlay Street, Canoga Park, CA 91303 but the State of California has no company registered to do business as Apex Credit.

Here is a picture of the address Apex Credit gives for their offices.

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  • From time to time in my articles I will publish a picture of the business. If you look at my post you will see I did not say anything negative about where the business was located.

    I could not find a company authorized to do business in California under the name Apex Credit. Now there is an Apex Credit Management, LLC but the Apex Credit agreement is not between that company and the consumer.

    A search found “Apex Credit Management, LLC is located at 22143 Cantlay St Canoga Park, CA 91303. The officers include Judi Zele, Komyar Fazhang.”

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