Let’s Play, Do They Comply, With NewsOn11.com and Debtmerica Relief

It has been a while since we played “Do They Comply” but a tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following information and wanted me to share it with you.

I think we have a new winner in the DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT


Check it out, they prepare it like its a REAL SITE and a Real News story, check the site www.newson11.com EVERY PAGE takes you to debtmerica.com they claim there is a government program!!

What I’d like to see on your site is a place to send this site and sites like it to the FTC. IF this is not DECEPTIVE advertising then I dont know what is!!

The NewsOn11.com site looks like this.

Click on image for larger view.

And when you click on the official website links it takes you to this.

Click on image for larger view.

From the looks of the URL that takes visitors to their landing page it appears they are just benefiting from the NewsOn11.com site and it is not theirs. http://x.azjmp.com/4cGz5?azauxurl=69362 is a domain registered to Azoogle.com which links to EpicDirect which describes itself as:

“Epic Direct is a division of the Epic Media Group and is the company’s flagship performance-based ad network focused primarily on customer acquisition and pay-for-performance online advertising campaigns.” – Source

So What Do You Think?

What do you think about the NewsOn11.com site and it’s advertising claims and compliance with FTC debt relief advertising rules? Post your comment below and vote now.


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39 thoughts on “Let’s Play, Do They Comply, With NewsOn11.com and Debtmerica Relief”

  1. yup, and this is one of the more deceptive ad’s that i’ve seen. Gotta watch out cause 1) its confusing consumers 2) these are HUGE fines.

  2. Haha alright thanks for shot across the bow, message received lol. This post has been syndicated on some pretty big sites, yikes.

  3. Dude, Just learn from the mistake and do it better next time. There are a lot of people here that would be happy to lend their expertise and feedback if you wanted to launch a new campaign.

    Just keep a photo of that one handy as a great example of what not to do again. 🙂


  4. You guys are right. I truly do apologize. I actually saw this article on another affiliate site, and decided to use it without really thinking. My bad, the site’s down and won’t be up again. I’m just a young affiliate marketer following examples of other affiliates who’ve claimed they make money this way, and I figured putting the appropriate disclaimers on the site made it ok.


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