Strippers and Money Management

For years I’ve wanted to do an article about someone from the adult entertainment industry and money problems or money management. I always thought it was a good way to put the universal issue of money into context that we all have to deal with money, credit and debt.

While I know that some people would have rushed out to eagerly do “”research””? for this article, seriously, how was I going to find someone for this?

I should divulge that I was in a lap dance club once. I’d never been in one before and they were passing out free flyers as I walked past. My thought, after a couple of beers, “”What the hell. I’ve never been in one.”” Very carefully mulled over, wasn’t it?

I’d like to tell you some amazing story about my experience there but what really happened was that the first dancer that walked up to me made her pitch, asked what I did and I told her that I help people with money troubles and issues. She sat down and we talked for 15 minutes about her situation and I gave her some advice. When she ran off to get some of the other girls that needed financial help as well I thought I have got to get out of here. The thought of seeing someone strip that I just gave advice too is far too weird and uncomfortable for me. So I left.

But anyway, back to the money management side of this idea. Strippers are really just small businesses that need to manage their income and expenses just like any other business. They have expenses and financial obligations, just like any other business as well. It’s just that different things are deductible.

Recently I met Vanessa on Twitter when she started following my posts. Twitter is best described as a internet telegraph where people from around the world share what they are doing now. I told her about my money management and stripper article idea and she agreed to share her experience and thoughts with all of us about money, credit and debt.

The first part of this series is below and if you have any questions you’d like for me to ask her I’ll pass them on. In future parts of this series we’ll be discussing getting financial help when you are a stripper and the common money mistakes strippers seem to make.

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From Vanessa:

Strip Tease Money Issues

VANESSA: Welcome! Having a good time tonight, are you?
VANESSA: My name is Vanessa.
POTENTIAL CUSTOMER: Hi, my name is Nathan.
VANESSA: Nathan, would you like a beautiful lady (pointing to myself) to do something erotic for you? (nodding my head).
VANESSA: Awesome! Let’s go have some fun right now.

Let me start by introducing myself: My name is Vanessa and I’m an adult erotic entertainer. This is just my fancy way of saying that I work within strip clubs as well as private parties taking my clothes off for money. Yes, I’m a stripper. I’m only interested in your husband for his money, nothing more.

One of those things that I feel people don’t understand is that strippers don’t earn thousands of dollars each night or even each week! It’s not true. Strippers don’t earn that kind of money.

Since I am a stripper I can tell you what it is really like. Here is the real deal.

I’m a self employed individual working in a cash based industry where the strippers goal is to get the customer to part with their cash. That just took all the glamour out of it, didn’t it? I hope it did as it isn’t a glamorous form of work by a long shot! Stripping is nothing more than sales.

The hypothetical conversation at the start is a good representation of the sales aspect of this business. Did you also realize that all strippers who work in clubs are not paid by the clubs. It is actually the other way around: we pay them!

Within a lot of strip clubs, strippers who want to work within the club either have to pay a fee up-front (anywhere from $30-200 to work that specific night) or else hand over a cut from each dance. On top of this, whether the following is legal or not, the clubs will usually have in place “”fines”” for behavior such as being late to podium/stage, being late to start your shift, cancelling your rostered shift without a doctor’s certificate, missing your rostered shift without good reason, and so on and so forth.

All adult entertainers (another title for strippers) also are required to hold a business tax identification numbers because not too long ago the Tax Office went through this industry in a crackdown on cash-based industries and businesses. Thus I have been declaring my income and paying tax for many years now.

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Whilst an adult entertainer can have the possibility of earning what some people make in a week or a fortnight within one shift/night. The other end of the spectrum is that we also have the potential to earn a pittance. I know I have been there. I have gone to work, paid my fee to work and left with only $100 (or even less) after working 8 hours. Goodness, the waitresses have sometimes out-earned me with their combined wage they would receive that night plus tips!

As a professional adult entertainer, I’m also entitled to a whole slew of deductions that a “”normal”” person most likely would not be entitled to so it isn’t all bad news. As much as I enjoy doing what I do for work, I wouldn’t continue to be an adult entertainer if this whole business wasn’t profitable.

Thus I am just like you, to a certain extent. The only difference is that my business is one that is belittled and totally mis-understood by a lot of people.

Want to Know More?

Post your money, credit and debt questions below in the comments section and Steve will pass your questions on to me so I can answer them. I’m happy to let you into the financial world we have to live in and show you that everyone has problems with credit and debt, even strippers.


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