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Legal Helper Debt Resolution Lawsuits Picking Up Steam

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me something about a Legal helpers Debt Resolution case I’ve already covered but it made me wonder if there were more cases that had been recently filed in U.S. district courts against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. So I went and looked.

Maybe I had not seen the timeline before or put together the number of cases but when looking at the results I was surprised to see they do appear to be picking up steam.

One case, Sanchez v Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, filed in Virginia a few weeks ago was just settled and will be dismissed. – Source. That was fast.

So far in 2011 they have been named defendants in five cases in U.S. district courts. Now that may not seem like a lot but for all of last year they were only named defendants in three cases.

This does not even include the state and local cases or the case by the Illinois Attorney General.

I certainly know Legal Helpers Debt Resolution has felt picked on by this site. We even have one commenter that goes by different names trying to warn people about posting comments and is defensive about how many times Legal Helpers Debt Resolution may have been mentioned. But here’s the bottom line, Legal Helpers Debt Resolution gets talked about more simply because they are in the news more.

And the talk about Legal Helpers Debt Resolution does not occur just here. It occurs everywhere and apparently it has become the focus of more chatter in the courts as well.


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  • LHDR won’t be around for more than a year. The main vulnerability of the LHDR ponzi scheme is that all the troops are depending on one or two greedy lawyers at the very top of the pyramid. As soon as Macey and his pals take their money and run (or get disbarred), say sianara to all the underling minions that thought they were cruising in first class on the LHDR Titanic. They’ll be puking their own vermin on the day that news hits. Vindication Day!

  • TBTF? You are kidding right?

    Mim’s, are you posting in some weird revers psychology effort? Its the only way any of what you say in your multi posts would make sense.


  • Hey there mim’s,
    Does your mom know you post here? What I mean to say is that you are not doing LHDR any favors. 20k clients just makes their questionable practices and partners more of a target for private action and regulator deterrent goals.

    Keep the hits coming, by all means.


  • Yea, I know for a fact that alot of clients get help and the few complaints are from a small percentage of clients…. I wouldnt back them if I didnt see there work first hand. Please tell me why go to a company thats small and that is easy to dissappear in the shadows… Please tell me where LHDR is going NOWWHERE have you ever heard to big to fail.

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