Deceptive Credit Card Financial Relief Plan 2011 Mailers Still Going Out

I thought we were all done with this deceptive mailer efforts for debt settlement services. Apparently not. A tipster (send in your tips here) has just forwarded me a mailer they just got.

As you can see from the cover it looks like an official document the consumer must open.

Once you open it up it looks like an official form or a government form.

The mailer appears to offer a 36 month plan with payments reduced up to 60%.

I called the number on the letter 877-568-6532 and spoke to a representative who would not tell me the name of the company. If the mailer is on the up and up, what’s the big deal? Why the secrecy?

The representative suggested I could borrow from my retirement plan, I would not be happy with credit counseling, and bankruptcy was not an option based on my level of debt.

The solution pitched was debt negotiation but any additional information was not forthcoming.

If you look at both sides of the mailer you will notice it does not mention the company name either.

It seems scary that consumers are receiving mailers with specific information about them but the company that solicits the recipient to call is not willing to be open and honest about who they are. Now that’s what I call a red flag.

Similar mailers have been called other program names, but have the same format. Look at these past mailers.


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  1. just got a 2013 with the phone number being 1-877-425-4315 also they’re using redirects to give vanity subdomains that point to


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