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Century Mitigations Announces Debt Settlement Getting Into Credit Counseling

This is the second time today I’ve seen the message that debt settlement companies are embracing credit counseling and going to start offering that service.

The first mention was about a presentation by The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC) regarding training that was going to be offered to its members.

State and Federal Compliance: How to Market and Sell Safely and Profitably. Hybrid Debt Settlement Models- Combining Settlement and DMP Offers.
-Complimentary Compliance Handouts and Charts Distributed to All Attendees
– The “Green and Red” States and all the Other Colors. FTC Requirements, Debt Adjuster Laws and Licensing, Telephone Marketing Compliance and Licensing, Garnishment References, Q&A.
Robby H. Birnbaum, TASC President, Partner, Greenspoon Marder, PA.

And just now a tipster (send in your tips here) sends in this email pitch that says Century Mitigation is offering affiliates a attorney model debt settlement program in conjunction with a debt management program.

Even more interesting is the little statement at the bottom that says they are getting into loan modifications and foreclosure defense programs. What’s next, entrance into the whole mass joinder mess?

If credit counseling does not act quickly to implement debt settlement solutions the debt settlement providers offering debt management plans are going to significantly impact their business. Is anyone over in credit counseling listening?


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  • Knows How, why are you making a blanket comment that people should file BK, without making any distinction between Ch. 7 and Ch. 13? Are you not aware of the enormous difference between these two solutions? Can you not understand how someone facing a 5-year BK might prefer a private solution instead?

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