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I Signed Up With Debt Choice and Iniquez Law Firm for Debt Help But Where is The Help? – Kevin

“Dear Steve,

I contacted a “get out of debt quickly” company called DebtChoice back in May, 2009. They set up a payment plan of $278 per month for approx. 26 months and then referred me to Iniquez Law Firm. My total debt was $11,100 at this time (I know the total amount now is more as I incur more penalities with the other two creditors) and they said I could probably settle everything for about $7,500, clear my debt and I might save $3,600. Once I saved enough money in my “account” with Iniquez, my largest debt was settled from 6.3K down to 1.2K. I thought, “this is great…I’m on my way”.

Now, I recently contacted Iniguez and they have done nothing on my behalf for 11 months because I do not have sufficient funds built up in my “account”. I informed them that we are getting within 4 months of the 26 month pay-off window, and they related that they are a “negotiation” law firm and that it all varies.

They asked if I could add more money to help mov e things along. So, ok, I could add another $1,000 and they can try to settle the other two creditors. But now I smell the stinky fish. This could go on for at least another year, maybe more, if I stay with my current monthly payment of $278. I know my situation is like many others that have asked you a question. Here are my questions.

  1. Do I have any legal recourse, if my other creditor accounts go unsettled and I have been making my monthly payments, and my claim is that these firms are “misrepreseting their services and engaged in unethical business practices”?
  2. I understand that, per a better business report, DebtChoice currently does not have to be licensed or registered within their state to practice their business, do I have any legal recourse?
  3. Was a class action suit ever filed against the other Law firms (I just forgot their names, the ones that operated before Iniquez)?
  4. If I am dissatisfied with Iniguez is there any chance in hell of obtaining my money back from the time my first creditor account was settled in March 2010? (Because they have done nothing on my behalf for almost a year)
  5. Ultimately, I just want to be done with this debt negotiation business.

What suggestions do you have for me?

Many thanks,


Dear Kevin,

It seems the underlying issue is that the firms may not have made it clear that there was never a guarantee with this approach. It was always a “let’s collect our fees and some money and then hope a creditor might settle,” approach.

It certainly sounds like you had some early success with that one debt but then things stalled.

If you are unhappy with the service you’ve received you may want to follow my refund request process. It has worked well for others.

There was a Texas class action case filed against Debt Choice and the Iniguez Law Firm. That case was filed by Weinstein Law at 903-677-5333 and you’d have to contact them for more information on that case.

I’d start with the refund process and then come back and update me on how it’s going for you. It has a lot of steps but if you follow it and then later want to pursue legal action you’ll have all the documentation you’ll need to better your chances.

Of course you can always talk to a local attorney now about legal representation.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Thanks for getting back in touch.

    After much complaining, I was able to get Iniguez to stop charging the bogus $65 maintenance fee.  so I had probably 10 months of not paying this fee.  They settled
    my second account, at about 80% the debt total.  The last account, with home depot, they said they could settle for $1,800.  I called up Home depot and will settle for $1,200.

    Main lesson here, I should have approached the creditors myself.

    I am done with Iniguez and one last payment to HOme depot, then I will be out
    of credit card debt.



  • I contacted you last August and asked you if there was a class action against the law firm above. I am checking up to see if there is as I feel I was soundly hosed down by that firm.

  • I contacted you last August and asked you if there was a class action against the law firm above. I am checking up to see if there is as I feel I was soundly hosed down by that firm.

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