Saving Money With Couponing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

The Art of Couponing is to save money on the items you use on a regular basis. Not to go out and get something for less money that you never have thought about using before or hoarding all the items you use or think you’ll use and have enough in your basement for a 20 year supply. A six month supply is more than enough to keep on hand. That’s enough time for the coupon on the item to come back again and for you to restock at a discounted price.  

There are many different ways to organize and collect coupons. It can be quite overwhelming at first and even costly. My approach has always been to throw myself full into organizing and collecting the most elaborate system I could create. Spending most of my time on the idea and concept rather than implementing and giving up early on because it didn’t have the grand outcome I expected. So I quit in frustration and exhaustion from my own creation.

I admit when I first heard about couponing, I watched all of the YouTube videos on couponing and building my own coupon binder. I went out and bought a binder, dividers, baseball card holders, note pad, scissors, calculator, pens, pencils, highlighters and envelopes all to save me money on couponing. Unfortunately, I had zero coupons for those items and well, that was expensive. It wasn’t back to school season and Walmart was limited. The cost was around $30, but what if I didn’t have $30 to put into this. Was I a coupon bust already? How could I face my fellow couponers while shopping for all of those fabulous deals I was going to save on? When I think back at all the things that go through my head, quite frankly, it frightens me at times.  

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Couponing doesn’t have to be that way at all!!!!  Once you understand how couponing works and what works best for you, you’ll know what you need and how to get it for half the price.  

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You really can save a lot of money by using coupons and shopping wisely but it take time. A lot of us don’t have the time with our busy schedules and families. Have no fear ….  CouponMom.com is here!!!!!! So far, this is one of the best websites I have found for newbies and seasoned couponers. Stephanie Nelson is the “CouponMom”, she does everything for you except go to the store. Her system is so simple, the only upfront cost is the Sunday newspaper with all of the coupons in it. You just need a shoe box and a pen to get started with your savings.  

Stephanie has been seen on Oprah, The View, The Today Show, CNN and many more. Talking about ethical and legal ways to save on groceries, drugstore deals and National store chain savings. She’s written a New York Times best-selling book, “The Coupon Mom’s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half” Her website CouponMom.com is completely free to use. She has the most amazing video tutorials that show step by step how to get the best use of her website.  

After going through her site I decided to give it a try. Like her videos explain, I printed  a list of selected items from her site for three of the grocery stores in my area, Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Kroger. I then matched the coupons I had on hand with the items on my list and off to the stores I went. Bing, bang, boom I was done. I was shocked at how much I saved, with little or no effort. The last time I did a coupon shopping excursion it took me hours to go through and find all of the deals with the coupons I had. On CouponMom.com she does it for you!   

At Harris Teeter I save 58% of my total order and at Food Lion – 41%. My biggest savings was at Kroger where I saved a whopping 67% and got four items for free!!!!!  Look at the receipt above. (Look at the free items with the arrows, the coupons in the boxed area made them 100% free.) I had a bag full of groceries which would normally cost $28.19 but because of couponmom.com I matched the sales with my coupons and only paid $9.61.  I have to tell you, that felt great!  

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Today’s grand total shopping before coupons and sales was $159.75 for which I only paid $71.24.  That an $88.51 savings.  That’s over half of my bill and I’m a newbie!  Imagine what can be saved with a little experience.  I now have enough food in my pantry to last a good four weeks before I need to shop for those items again.  

So don’t put it off any longer.  A little time and CouponMom.com can save you money you didn’t now you had.