The Best Bacon in Every State

Let’s be clear. This list isn’t based on any type of scientific poll. The very notion that some group of Americans who I don’t even know could pick better bacon than me is preposterous. I know bacon, people. I eat a lot of it. Too much. I’ve even done some reporting on it, but really, … Read more

Walmart and Kroger are Testing New Store Shelf Electronic Price Tags

Here is an interesting look at some tests at Walmart with new electronic labels for pricing information in their grocery section. Kroger has also been testing new label ideas to make shopping easier. rame> I would expect in just a few years that electronic product labels will become standard. Eventually, it would not be impossible … Read more

Two Simple Things You Can Do to Save Money at the Grocery Store

I received a very nice tip from Robert Custer on how to save money at the grocery store. Thanks for sending this in. It’s great information to refresh ourselves with. If you’ve got a good tip to share, send it in. Robert’s Tip Robert said, “When you buy groceries at the grocery store of your … Read more

To Coupon, or Not to Coupon. My Wallet Wants to Know.

To coupon, or not to coupon. They try to suck me in with all their buzz words. Double and triple coupons, points towards free gas, 2/$5 and 10/$10. It’s hard not to get lured in by the coupon pushers who want you to subscribe to their clipping service, or the desperate newspaper salesman trying to … Read more

Getting Your Credit Card Rejected at the Grocery Store, Sucks

I think all of us can remember an experience like this. “Anyone who has had a credit card declined in a public place like a store knows the news almost always sounds as if it is being delivered via megaphone by someone convinced to the very depth of her – or his – soul that … Read more

Saving For A Living: Melody Page From Extreme Ways To Save

“For the first time in my married life I was scared. We had never been rich but we had never been afraid before.” In 2008 Melody Page, a resident of Rocky Mount, North Carolina and her husband found themselves in financial disparity along with many citizens as the American economy took a turn for the … Read more

Is Couponing Really Worth It?

Today Pam and I set out at 6:30 am to our local Harris Teeter to double team Harris Teeter’s Triple Coupon week. We spent yesterday getting coupons ready and a list together for our early morning trip today. You see, Harris Teeter, like many other grocery stores will double coupons up to $0.99 on a … Read more

Coupons Saved Newlywed’s Household

Yesterday, I sat down over snacks with my friend Ann, my personal coupon guru, to talk couponing. In the very early days of us meeting I overheard her telling a friend, “I’ve got to get home and organize my coupons for tomorrow!” Intrigued, I jumped in the conversation and asked “what for?” She explained that … Read more

Saving Money With Couponing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

The Art of Couponing is to save money on the items you use on a regular basis. Not to go out and get something for less money that you never have thought about using before or hoarding all the items you use or think you’ll use and have enough in your basement for a 20 year … Read more

Shop-o-nomics: “Which Grocery Store Has The Lowest Prices?”

Two years ago today Steve put together and published a comparison shop of major wholesale food clubs, local grocery stores and convenient marts to find the lowest prices for staple items needed in kitchens and households. Today, 730 days later, we bring to you our 2010 Grocery Store Price Comparison Video. Last week Steve and … Read more