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Former TASC Executive Director Says Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is Awesome and Will Stay the Course

Despite the growing number of lawsuits against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution they stand by their services. In a press release sent out recently they appear to believe the wave of recent lawsuits naming then is an unfair witch hunt, is political and profit-driven and damn the suits, it’s business as usual.

“We are a law firm, the first truly national consumer law firm in the country,” said Jason Searns, Managing Attorney. “We recognize that consumers need alternative debt resolution options, such as financial workouts with their creditors, and we will not let lawsuits intimidate us or our clients into a different course of action.” – Source

The press release also offers up what appears to be the biggest disconnect with the reality I’m hearing from consumers when it says:

Today, LHDR clients have a significantly higher chance of succeeding and achieving better results with their creditors, in part because LHDR stands behind their clients through every step of their debt resolution program.

“We have engaged the finest counsel in the country as our legal team to defend our interest as a law firm to provide services to our clients,” said Searns. “We continue to spread the message that our program and services are best, both through our response to these lawsuits and through more public education campaigns.”

This press release is attributed to David Leuthold, the former executive director of The Association of Settlement Companies. Leuthold goes on to say that Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is involved in debt resolution, bankruptcy, debt management, tax settlement, foreclosure defense and mortgage loan modification.


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