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Why Doesn’t the 1012-R Mass Joinder Mailer Say Who the Attorney Is?

Consumers are still sending in current mailers they are getting asking them to join in a mass joinder litigation lawsuit.

Take a look at the mailer I just received from one tipster (send in your tips here). Not only does the front not revel who the law firm or attorney is that is behind the litigation mailers but the inside does not shed light on this either.

As you can see above there is nothing to be learned from the outside of the mailer other than they are coming from postal permit 1076 in Santa Ana, California, and there is some official looking warning.

WARNING: $2,000 fine and/or 5 year imprisonment for any person interfering or obstructing with delivery of this mail legal advertisement. US mail secretary. 170B

I searched for something official regarding this statement but all I found was information that a similar disclaimer was used on the outside of bogus mailer proclaiming there was a Governmental Economic Stimulus Act of 2009 that was really a debt settlement sales pitch. – Source

Based on previous 1012 mailers and this client sample mailer from sdmi3 Direct Marketing Solutions (source) it appears the mailer may be for Kramer & Kaslow. See the sdmi3 sample below.

What you will notice is that this version of the Kramer & Kaslow mailer (KAK Law) mailer contains a legal disclaimer on the back that the other one does not.

What is interesting is the sales message is in Spanish but the legal disclaimer is in English.

The inside of the original mailer from the tipster (send in your tips here) looks like this.

This is a mailer for a mass litigation lawsuit against lenders. All sorts of promises have been made to consumers regarding awards, forgiveness of the mortgage, monetary damages, etc. In the mass joinder pitch the marketing representatives are making thousands of dollars selling consumers into this program while there is no case that has made it through the courts and may not be one for years.

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For more information and samples of other mailers, follow the related article links below.

If you receive a similar mailer and you either live in California or it was mailed from California, the California Bar wants to hear from you so they can proceed with their investigation. Complete the form below.

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