Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Said They Could Help Me Save My House. – Michael

“Dear Damon,

Divorce and forced to pay 1700 a month in child support.

Lost my job 10 months later. Out of work for almost 5 months.

New job salary was significantly less than before.

Took over a year to get child support adjusted while still trying to pay same bills. Fell behind on mortgage, property taxes, insurance.

Filed chapter 13 bankruptcy to save house and help situation. Made situation worse. Contacted Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. They said they could help my situation. Now have hearing to lift stay on house from mortgage company so they can foreclose.

I am now in a situation where I can manage my finances now, but still have all these arrears with the mortgage company and property tax office, Is there any way that I can save my house and not have to move my family?


Hello Michael,

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There could possibly be a way to save your house, but it would depend on your current finances and you have not provided me with any details on your situation. If you would like to schedule a private phone consultation to get into the specifics, then please contact me through my website.

Regarding Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, again I don’t know enough about your finances to know if a debt settlement approach will even make sense, but I do know enough about Legal Helpers to know that they have no problem pitching a settlement program to consumers that shouldn’t be in one.

I am not shy about stating my opinion on Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, as I feel that their debt resolution program is completely horrible for consumers in all situations. I don’t like the way they operate, the way they charge their fees, and the way that they hire sales people to sell one sized fits all solutions to consumers, that make very little financial sense.

Of course if I ever see any new evidence that Legal Helpers changes everything they are doing and does things in a way that I feel is helpful to consumers, I will be open to changing my mind, but as of right now, I would strongly encourage any consumer to look at other options before signing a contract with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. This of course is my personal opinion, all I ask is that you take your time and look at some different options, I can guarantee you will thank me for that advice. If they are as great as their sales people think they are, then they should have no problem with that advice.

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The first thing to do is review your financial situation and determine if you can possibly afford to keep this house, and whether or not it makes financial sense to do so. It may be that since you now seem to be back on your feet moving forward, it may make the most sense to let the house go. Or that could be a bad move on your part and should be avoided if possible. We won’t know until we have a complete view of your financial picture.

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