Regulators Go After Real Estate Seminar Schemes Endorsed by Celebs Including Tomi Lahren

The Federal Trade Commission and the Utah Division of Consumer Protection sued Nudge, LLC and affiliated companies, alleging that they make empty promises about earning money by “flipping” houses, to convince consumers to buy real estate training packages that cost thousands of dollars. In a filing today, the FTC and the Utah Division of Consumer … Read more

They Say I Owe More Than I Think From an Old Apartment Lease

Eclipse Apartments

Question: Dear Steve, I owed an apartment complex $800 in 2012. I completed the lease but they kept my deposit and charged me an additional $800 for replacing the carpet and cleaning the garage which had stains on the floor. I tried to pay it but recently when I inquired, they sold the debt to … Read more

I’m Trying to Help My Kids By Buying Tax Liens According to Saen Higgins

Question: Dear Steve, I am 61 years old and have an LLC with my son. We have started to buy real estate at tax deed auctions. By this, I want to give my children a good start for their financial future. Being over 60 years old, according to Michael S. Hawes, I wouldn’t have to … Read more

The Lender Agreed to a Short Sale But Nobody Wants to Buy It. – Hal

“Dear Steve, We have a underwater mortgage that is approximately $100,000 in excess of the value of our home. We have been trying to get the principal reduced and now have the offer listed in the “question’s section” We have underwater mortgage that was transferred from Bank of America to SPS and they have offered … Read more

How Can We Go About Selling Our Timeshare Without Getting Scammed? – Lisa

“Hello again Steve. I have another question. My husband and I own a timeshare with Shell Vacation Club. It was paid off in January of this year. The monthly maintenance fees are $74. We don’t use the timeshare that much and we are considering selling the timeshare. I’ve heard its very difficult to sell timeshares … Read more

My Husband Was Having an Affair and Left Me With Bad Credit. – Mary

“Dear Steve, Husband sign the certified mail slip and never told me about court or judgement against me from Fath Properties, Ohio. Mother-in-law passed away of cancer. Her apartment was right next door. Our family lived in both apartments but I was the only one on lease of second apartment. Family wanted to vacate and … Read more