A Pledge And Promise I Work Hard Every Day to Keep: To Be Here For You When You Need Me

Since my financial failure and bankruptcy I have never taken for granted the difficult and painful process of living through and surviving money troubles. I’ve walked in your shoes. I know what it feels like. I’ve felt the pain and shed the tears. I’ve been afraid and I’ve been depressed.

And even though a lot of time has passed since my dark and stormy days of 1990, when I failed, I still think of those times and get up every day and wake my body for a new opportunity just to help you through your dark days.

Helping you, that I do for free. I do it because it is the right thing to do and I do it because I have been blessed with the skills and abilities to be able to help you when you need help most. My crushing failure as a provider for my wife and family and as a broken father for my young daughter in 1990 was not a death sentence for me because it gave me the experience to help you.

I can’t promise you a magic wand or to make your problems instantly go away, but what I can promise you is a deep and personal concern for you and the suffering you are going through. I promise to tell you the honest truth and provide guidance, advice and hugs to help you through your own dark days.

All I ask from you, is to trust me to ask me for help, to ask for advice, and to ask me to be there for you. I will not charge you a penny, there is no fee for my help and I do all of this for you, my brothers and sisters in debt, because I love you and I care about you, from the very bottom of my heart.

When my dying days arrive I want to look back and know that I made a difference in the lives of some because I cared about what needed to be done, for the right reasons and for the right people. If you are struggling with debt, you are afraid, you are uncertain about what to do, you need an ear to talk softly in and you need a strong hug to make it through tomorrow. I will be here for you.

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Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.
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