Washington Supreme Court Issues Important Unanimous Opinion Impacting Debt Settlement Companies that Target Washington Consumers

I received the following press release regarding the Global Client Solutions case I wrote about previously here.

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The Washington State Supreme Court issued Thursday an important opinion impacting “debt settlement” companies that ubiquitously promote their “debt settlement” services to heavily indebted Washington consumers through late night television advertising, unsolicited phone calls, Internet communications, and junk mail.

In the matter of Carlsen v. Global Client Solutions, LLC, et al, No. 84855-6, the Washington Supreme Court interpreted, for the first time, key provisions of Washington’s Debt Adjusting statute, RCW Chapter 18.28.

In a unanimous and well-reasoned opinion, the Washington Supreme Court unambiguously determined that Washington’s Debt Adjusting statute safeguards Washington consumers from predatory practices endemic to the modern day debt settlement industry.

In a significant concurring opinion, Justice Tom Chambers went further, urging the Washington legislature to consider a prohibition of for-profit debt adjusting entirely in light of the “chronic and systemic abuses in the Washington debt adjusting industry.”

The law firm, The Scott Law Group, P.S., who represented plaintiffs in the action, are pursuing class claims on behalf of Washington consumers in federal and state courts against numerous “debt settlement” companies who garner significant profits by charging indebted consumers predatory fees prohibited by Washington’s Debt Adjusting Act.

Darrell W. Scott, attorney at The Scott Law Group said, “The litigation team at The Scott Law Group has been working very hard on this case for some years and is gratified by the Court’s opinion. It will hopefully have swift consequences for protecting Washington consumers from predatory debt settlement companies.”

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