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I Received Information From Legal Helpers Debt Resolution But Should I Move Forward? – Carla

“Dear Michael,

I have approximately $37k in credit card debt.

I contacted Legal Helpers Debt Resolution after receiving information in the mail. I’m getting ready to move forward and sign an agreement with LHDS but I have been reading blogs on the internet that have made me question whether I should move forward. Can you recommend a debt settlement company? Please help:(


Hi Carla,

The first thing I want to help to establish is whether a debt settlement approach to your debt is the most appropriate.

Why is it that you have determined this is the best path for you to take?

Have you consulted with professionals who offer other solutions such as credit counseling, or bankruptcy?

When it comes to selecting a debt settlement firm to assist you, I would recommend you work with a company that does not charge service fees in advance of delivering a service. To my knowledge, Legal Helpers charges upfront fees.

I would recommend you consult with members of the AACC who offer debt settlement services. They provide no-cost evaluations and do not charge for the direct debt settlement service until you see results.

You may even want to consider DIY debt settlement where you can navigate the process yourself with help from knowledgeable experts.

Please respond in the comment sections with any additional feedback or questions you may have.

Best of success in your efforts!

Michael Bovee has worked with financially challenged consumers for the past 17 years and is a recognized expert in his field. Michael founded Consumer Recovery Network (CRN) in 2006. CRN offers debt settlement services and educational resources nationwide. He has served as its president since 2006.

If you have a debt related question you’d like to ask, just use the online form.

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Michael Bovee

Michael is an experienced debt expert and can be found online at Consumer Recovery Network.


  • Ugh. Banks are smart, too smart to cause anything like that to happen.  In fact, I would be very worried if banks started offering better deals to people represented by debt settlement companies.  That would mean the banks know something the debtors don’t.  I think there’s a lot of essentially unenforceable settlement activity going on.

  • I think Tonesal5 is really hurting LHDR here. LHDR would be better served having a PR department that actually understands their own product as well as the industry blog post for them. I never really paid any attention to LHDR as they are just another front loaded debt settlement company.

    Tone, please keep the postings coming on all of the LHDR thread as they are very entertaining. FYI, they also prove my point of this website being not much more than insiders arguing in defense of their own services and no substantial assistance for the consumers.

  • lol.. E. Because they have Tonesal5 representing the LHDR and making a fool of himself on here.

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