Why Does ClearOne Advantage Have No Rating With the BBB?

Question: Dear Steve, I was looking at Clear One Advantage and tried clicking on the BBB Accredited Business A+ link featured on the homepage of their website. However, the link doesn’t work. I searched the BBB and found the Clear One Advantage profile, which shows “No Rating.” Here: https://www.bbb.org/us/md/baltimore/profile/debt-relief-services/clearone-advantage-0011-90096368 Any idea why the No Rating? … Read more

Is Litigation Practice Group a Good Company?

Question: Dear Steve, Between my Visa and my line of credit, I owe $25,000, I would like you to tell me if the Litigation Practice Group is a good company to go with, LPG out of San Clemente, California. I live in Utah. Kerin Answer: Dear Kerin, Litigation Practice Group seems to be an interest … Read more

Is the DVI Debt Relief Program Legit if I’m Pre-Approved?

Question: Dear Steve, My husband and I are retired, living on about $1,700 social security. He’s working sporadically, he was driving over the road, and money wasn’t a problem. I received a letter from a company called DVI Debt Relief Program. Is this legit? Says I’m pre-approved for $10,000 to $20,000 for outstanding credit card … Read more

Will Capital One and Discover Work With Me to Settle My Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, I have 2 charged-off accounts, and I want to call and try to pay towards debt but can only afford about 100 per month. Will they work with me.. capital one and discover Will, the creditors work with me. Hope Answer: Dear Hope, The answer is not what you would expect. Here … Read more

I’m on Social Security. Should I Settle My Debts?

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Question: Dear Steve, I’m retired, receiving social security and small pension, $21,404 annually. I bought a mobile home a couple of years ago, good price, as-is. Turned out to be more than I bargained for. I currently owe about $13,000 between credit cards and one personal loan (about $10,000). I’m making payments but have missed … Read more

AAA Legal Hooked Me Up With JCG Consulting for Debt Help and He’s Vanished


Question: Dear Steve, I believe the financial counselor I was referred to from AAA Legal in Arizona/Florida was not legitimate. AAA Legal signed me up for a debt consolidation program and canceled my account after full enrollment and the first procedure was started. They referred me to Justin O’Dell of JCG Consulting LLC in Tempe, … Read more

Did I Get Scammed by Option 1 Legal and What Can I Do?

Question: Dear Steve, I had several revolving credit cards and had trouble making monthly payments. Looked for a debt consolidation company. Received in mail flyer from Option[] 1 Legal. The salesperson made everything sound legit. I have paid them over $6000 dollars in 15 months. They have negotiated with 2 of the creditors and are … Read more

Is the Settlement Program Through Heartland Legal Group a Scam?

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Question: Dear Steve, I have 24K in credit card debt. I signed up for a debt settlement plan through Heartland Legal Group 4 months ago. I am making monthly payments to them, and they agreed that my debt would be settled in 7-9 months. My question is whether or not I am being scammed. Should … Read more