BillMinder for iPad Review

A recent posting for the latest BillMinder 3 app for the iPhone and new iPad app called BillMinder for iPad got me thinking about finance apps available got me thinking about the different kinds of apps and the reliability of them.

For years I’d been using the app “BillTracker” and found it helpful but nothing above and beyond my expectations. And let me just say, as a tech junkie, my expectations for mobile apps are pretty high.

After reading the recent release story about the new iPad version of BillMinder I decided to check it out first hand, use it for a few weeks and report back with my findings.

My findings you ask? I like it.

After downloading your first visit to the app takes you to this screen:

You can either sign in with an already existing BillMinder Account, sign up for an account or continue without one. Personally, I signed up for a new account. With some apps I’ll bypass this and continue without one but I recently ran into a pitfall of this with BillTracker. My phone was recently whiped clean and I lost all of my bills and due dates I had saved in my previously used app. That being said, I decided it would ease my mind to create an account and have my information stored in an account, that way I could reload it to my app if my phone was ever erased again.

Creating a profile couldn’t have been easier….

You simply input your e-mail and chose a password. You then of course have to agree to their terms and conditions. And, that’s it!

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The next screen you see is your calendar.

One of the first things I did before inputting bills was to set a password for app access in the settings (bottom right button). My iPad and phone are already passworded protected but I’m always paranoid about financial information so I added another password to access this app.

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You can then add bills by clicking the plus arrow in the top right of the left sidebar. After adding your bills you can then see “Past Due” bills, “Due Within 7 Days” bills and “Due Within 30 Days” bills.

A sample calendar from the website: The Unofficial Apple Weblog is shown below as I was not comfortable showing my own personal information.

For the past few weeks I’ve used this app to keep up with my bills and I must say, I like it much better than other financial apps I’ve used before. What’s really neat is you can view your finances in charts (pie or bar) to see where most of your money is going to: loans, utilities, credit cards, etc.

I find this app terribly useful and if you’re in the market for a new or first time finance app I strongly recommend this one!

Do you use any apps on your Smartphone or iPad for finance tools? Leave a comment to let me know which ones work for you!

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