United Financial Systems and Fidelity Debt Solutions Banned in Wisconsin

Poor old United Financial System out of Florida. Looks like they promised to make client refunds in Wisconsin, did not meet the deadlines and Wisconsin closed them down. – Source

Fidelity Debt Solutions out of San Diego got shut down in Wisconsin as well for operating without a debt adjustment license.

It appears Fidelity Debt Solutions was given notice of a hearing on the matter but failed to answer the notice or appear at the hearing. – Source

Lesson to be learned, if you are a debt relief company and operating in Wisconsin, get licensed.

For information on licensing, contact:
Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
Division of Banking
PO Box 7876
345 W. Washington Ave
4th Floor
Madison, WI 53707-7876
Tel: 608-266-0451
Fax: 608-267-6889

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