Debt Relief Compliance Tracking Software – First Look. Sweet!

I’m fortunate enough to have been selected as an alpha tester for the new debt relief software by USDR. Granted it’s early days on the rollout but I had to share with you what I’ve seen so far.

There are still more modules to implement but the software makes it VERY easy for any debt relief company to track a number of business critical issues.

If we look at California as an example you can see how great this is to be easily able to drill down in the current legislation. There are links for the bill, each amendment, bill status, history, committee members, etc. For those of us that care about being in the know on this sort of stuff, that’s very cool.

The screens on time barred debt or statute of limitations are very helpful as well. SOL issues will play a more important role in the years ahead since if debt relief companies need to have a greater fiduciary role in assisting consumers on of the issues will be if a debt is time barred to begin with. If it is time barred then it become a lower priority debt in the debt repayment plan.

When you scroll over a state, in this example, Texas, a visual clue pops up showing you the SOL and if you click on the state it takes you to the current regulation/legislation that covers this for the state.

So far this product is far superior to anything else I’ve ever seen and I wish I’d had it when I was running the debt relief company. If you are running a debt relief company now I can’t imagine operating without this application.

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Here is the part that is even more exciting for us debt relief geeks, state law tracking.

So when you click on a state the application shows you the corresponding statue for that state. Here is the top of the Maryland screen as an example.

These state specific details are also available on garnishment, collection, and privacy laws as well.

Scott Johnson is the guy with the brains behind this tool that will be a huge asset for debt relief companies. I know he’s not yet opened this to wider testing beyond the handful of people at the moment.

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If you want to see more, try it for yourself and have a chance to meet Scott, you can see a full demonstration of the debt relief compliance application at the free upcoming debt relief master class in July, 2011.

From what I’ve seen as an early alpha tester this debt relief compliance application will be a great help and benefit to both debt settlement and credit counseling groups.

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