CouponCaboodle.com Website Review

I stumbled upon a new couponing site this week: CouponCaboodle.com. I decided to review this site to show what not to look for with couponing websites.

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The website has a clean cut and attractive design which automatically gains trust of a user. You are asked to input your first and last name along with your e-mail address and zip code. This is not uncommon for coupon sites to do if you want to received specialized deals for you in your area.

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Upon inputting my information I was inundated with requests within the site. First, I was asked to input my cell phone number. This is a big no-no in my book! Never input your cell phone number for a deal, you will almost always get scammed and spammed with text messages and calls from the company and other companies your information gets passed off to. This can get annoying, FAST! Also, by opting into cell phone messages you will more than likely see a spike in your plan’s usage for text messages and telephone calls. These are obviously unneeded and unwanted expenses you should avoid.

I was then asked to give my address to receive $500 and also prompted to enter for a $1000 WalMart gift card. Just Say No! These prompts are most likely scams trying to collect information and sell it to other companies. Keep your information private unless you are joining a secure and trusted site.

After bypassing many prompts I finally arrived to “my coupons” where I saw sites like Coupons.com showcased for deals. You can just as easily get deals from Coupons.com by actually going to their site (which I recommend for coupons) instead of jumping through hoops on sites like this. I was then hit with a pop-up ad asking me not to leave the site, when I hadn’t even tried to leave yet. This let me know that obviously by this far along on the page they know users are getting wary and want to keep them on the site with a last attempt pop-up ad. No thank you.

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What I did not show in the video review is when I actually closed out of the site a few more windows popped up with other “deals” and a notice of a survey I was asked to complete for money.

Sites like this are a waste of time. I do not recommend using any sort of site like this way.

Just Say No!

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