CCCS of Greater Atlanta Sues CreditAbility

On May 25, 2011, Consumer Credit COunseling Service of Greater Atlanta filed suit against a debt relief company in Iowa named CreditAbility.

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It seems CCCS of Greater Atlanta, who goes by the name CredAbility took exception to the similarly named debt relief provider, CreditAbility.

In July 2005 CCCS of Greater Atlanta filed a trademark application for the mark CredAbility. They had used the mark in commerce since at least July 2004.

CreditAbility did not start operations until 2007 and I can’t believe they picked such a similar name, but they did.

According to their website and the suit, CreditAbility offers credit repair and some other coaching services.

The claim in the case filed is that “Defendant’s use of “CreditAbility” is likely to cause confusion, mistake and deception as to the affiliation, connection, or association of Defendant with CredAbility.” The complaint also says, “Defendant has informed CredAbility that Defendant receives between two and five calls a day from individuals who mistakenly contacted Defendant believing it to be CredAbility.” – Source

This sure appears like one of those suits that should have been resolved before it ever got to court. I still can’t believe CreditAbility just didn’t change their name. It would have been the smart play.

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