Precision Law Center Sends Out Misleading Form 52PLL-T Mailer. Be Careful!

I’ve written about the many mailers that have been going out as a result of marketers trying to sign up consumers in mass joinder lawsuits. Read mass joinder articles here.

But the mailer a tipster (send in your tips here) just sent in appears to be extremely misleading on the outside.

If you look at the outside of the mailer it would certainly appear the mailer was a notice to the consumer they were included in a tort litigation lawsuit. Nowhere does it say this is a legal advertisement and not a legal notice.

The inside of the form the tipster (send in your tips here) sent in continues the official looking form deception and asks people to call 888-291-8565 for more information how they can participate in a lawsuit against their lender. The notice says it will stop foreclosure, grant new loan terms, and provide monetary damages, yet none of those things are true since no case has actually been completed.

If you get one of these mailers, the California Bar wants to hear from you, click here.

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