We Were Ripped Off On Our Mortgage By a So Called Friend. – Linda

“Dear Andy,

We were ripped off on our home mortgage by a so called friend of 12 years. He took all equity out of our home and left us with high paymnts He is still free and i cant collect a dime from him. The stress was
so much for my husband that he had a stroke in 07 and his heart kept getting worse. He passed away on May 5 2011.

I want our loan modified to affordable payments but qualifing has been the problem. Also inorder to survive we used our Credit card for medicine’ gas food essentials and we are $84k in debt About $40k was in my husbands name and the rest in mine. I cant use his cards anymore but I am responsible for the debt

I want to get out of debt and I want so much to keep iour home. we used all of our saving and insurance to pay bills. This awful man

Verbon Kelley who ripped us off and paid off another loan with our equity is now living in Santa Barabar in a gated community. Has ruined us financially our credit is not good and now the stress killed my husband.

I so wish i could get help We have a judgment and a stip signed by the judge but when we went to court he looked at my husband in a wheel chair and told our atty Go whistle for your money.

This guy also took 108K from my daughter a single mom of 2 and lost her home, her car, and her dignity along with credit. His remark to her was I didnt hold a gun to your head” NO REMORSE for his

we are all in a financial mess just trying to survive ,not because we are living high we are super careful Im 63 my business is not great so what on earth do i do? I need to get rid of the
Credit card please

where can i go for a few debt elimination? on CC or consolidation I dont really know how either will affect me I would like a Non profit organization for both of these please

i really would like help to figure out what I need to do to fix my morgage please this crook took $233K out of my home 108K CASH from my daughter This was the equity too from her
home too Thank you so much.


Dear Linda,

I’m terribly sorry to hear about your husband. It sounds like life is coming at you fast and from all directions.

I would suggest that you immediately speak with a local bankruptcy attorney before looking into any other options to address the credit card debt. If the bankruptcy attorney tells you that you don’t qualify or that you only qualify for a chapter 13 with a payment you cannot afford, then maybe look into a settlement strategy. Unless you can easily afford the minimum payments you have now on the cc’s, I don’t believe credit counseling will be much help in this circumstance.

As for the scam artist that ripped you and your daughter off. I’m not sure if I have any advice other than to be totally relentless in pursuing your money from any assets he may currently have or enforcing any judgments you may have been awarded. From the sounds of it he has committed fraud, pure and simple. If he has already bankrupted himself or simply has no assets to ever realistically cover what he has stolen from you, then he should at the very least be parked behind bars for an extended stay. If you haven’t already, hire a lawyer for this.

Please keep us posted on your progress or ask further questions in the comment section below. I am subscribed to this post and will always do my best to respond promptly. Good Luck!

Best Regards

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4 thoughts on “We Were Ripped Off On Our Mortgage By a So Called Friend. – Linda”

  1. It is very sad that many people across the nation lost fortunes in real estate and other industries during the “Great Recession” around 2007. The fact is, many people at that time willfully decided to invest in real estate because in years prior the returns appeared to be astronomical. Of coarse when the market rapidly declines it seems that everyone wants someone to blame. In reality people willfully invested with the hope of gaining but as we’ve so sadly witnessed, investment comes with risk. Sometimes the risk is unforeseen and not always an act of fraud or deceitful intent.

    No one seems to complain when investment returns are high. However, same people, same agreements, but the misfortune of financial loss… some people will then say they were defrauded.

    Food for thought… loss does not always equal fraud or deceit. The “Great Recession” was recorded as one of the worst financial times in history. Each dollar lost was not always a result of fraud.

    This reply is not in any way meant to come off as insensitive to those who’ve experienced loss, but at the same time is fair to attempt to defame someone who more than likely had the intent of assisting others.

  2. How many other people are going to report being ripped off by this poor excuse of a man, mortgage broker, or human being. I’ve often heard of people being scammed out of their life savings by strangers. But, not by someone who was considered a friend. I wonder how many other unsuspecting people Verbon Kelley has scammed and stolen from? I also fell victim to his promises and he stole thousands of dollard from me with promises of investments. When approached about how he planned on repaying me, he merely leered at me. Followed by blaming others that worked for him and with him. I had heard that the District Attorney of San Bernardino had an investigative file on him for his fraud. How long does this take? How can he still have his real estate license? When will someone step in and take away any opportunity to deal with people and mortgage or real estate? Not only does he disgust me, but his family helped him hide his deceit. He is disgusting!!!

  3. I also was a victim of Verbon Kelley and his mortgage fraud. He stold thousands of dollars from me and tried to blame it on other people.  Along with other “friends” who went to his church for many years. Another friends of mine also lost her home and equity that he stole. Unnfortunately, because of relationship with his family, I couldn’t get anyone to file a report or claim against him. He tucked tail and ran like the coward he is.


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