I’m in Dubai and Was in Jail For My Debts. Who Can Help Me? – Marnie

“Dear Steve,

A single mom with kids. Started life in dubai since 1999, met the father of my kids and misplaced him for almost five years now. Did try to live normally here with the help of my salary and bank credit cards.

I was jailed,a guarantee cheque I issued for a friend who leave the country bounced and a credit card filed in the police. Lost my job after jail, did my best to recover but I did not find a stable or permanent job to support my kids and pay my obligations to the bank. Presently, I have police case filed against me,I can’t just easily go out the country till I paid it or by going to jail.

Is there any institutions here in Dubai who can help me settle my total debts of approximately 40,000dhs and as payment, I will be working with them? I can give back 50% to 90% of salary deductions.

Please help me, I don’t want to go back to jail and be away with my kids. With regards to my qualifications, I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Secretarial course Having a retail (fashion) experience of 5years in Dubai and also interested in administrative jobs.

Steve, thank you so much with all of my heart for your time. It helps lessen the burden when you know someone out there (like YOU) is more than willing to listen and help in anyway you can. MORE POWER!!!


Dear Marnie,

I certainly wish I had better news. Dubai is probably one of the worst places to owe debt. While it is a growing and modern area its debt laws are certainly centuries old.

Recently I heard about a company in Dubai called ISDM. I know nothing about them except for what I read in their press release. You might want to give them a call at +971-4-399-02-03.

After you talk to them can you please report back in the comments below and let me know what they suggested. My caution level is high with them since I have no experience with them and they might be asking for big fees in advance of any promised help.

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Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.
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5 thoughts on “I’m in Dubai and Was in Jail For My Debts. Who Can Help Me? – Marnie”

  1. Trying to help a friend get out of debt. Found ISDM online, listed as part of IAPDA (International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators) and approached them. They met with us, charged us AED 350 and then were extremely difficult to get hold of for follow-up. They couldn’t even give us a hard copy receipt – they were going to send it via email. After 2 weeks of follow up, we found that they had sent the receipt to a non-existent email address. Further follow-up finally yielded the agreement. This was a one-sheeter, wherein we were authorising them, among other things, to “…make any accommodation and/or compromise with regard to any claims or debts and to make any arrangement for payment….”. We were further signing off all chance of pinning them down by stating that “…ISDM Consultancy is not responsible for my credit and credit rating, past, present, or future”.

    The agreement contained a lump sum figure of the total debt, and their fees, with no breakdown of any monthly instalments, or timeline…nothing. I don’t see that anyone in their right mind would sign such a document. Requests for clarification went unanswered. When we finally lost patience 2 months later and threatened them with going to the press, they actually wrote back in an insulting manner claiming we were most comfortable in the gutter! Needless to say this does not sound like a professional company. Nothing that we said in our correspondence warranted this kind of a reply.

    Of course now we are totally disillusioned but want to warn other people who might fall prey to this kind of thing. AED 350 from each person is a lot of money, considering that it comes with no guarantee. AED 350 for looking at our papers and saying yes we can help you?

    We did a little digging at the IAPDA website and found that all his certifications have lapsed, whatever that means. If anyone is considering managing their debt with ISDM, please tread carefully.

    • Maybe you should have used the IAPDA website to check on this person “before” you gave him or her your money…this is a great resource for checking a debt consultants current qualifications but obviously should be used in advance of signing up with someone. IAPDA certifications are for 2 years then lapse and require continuing education and re-certification.

      • And just how does the IAPDA prevent sales people from selling bad programs to consumers?

        Are you implying that no IAPDA sales person has ever enrolled a consumer into a debt settlement program they shouldn’t be in?

        • No not at all Damon, I’m sure this can and has happened. Checking IAPDA certification is just another tool that a debtor seeking help can use when doing their due dilligence (before signing up with anyone).I notice that IAPDA is listed as an approved program (along with others) by the states with UDMSA that was discussed in another thread here. I think working with a consultant whose industry certification is current is one consideration but certainly not all that a debtor should be considering when deciding what route is best for them.


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