Can the Collection Company Force the Sale of Our Rental House? – Stuart

“Dear Lewis,

Our Second lien on our current home was charged of.We are now letting our home go into foreclosure. We own a rental which is paid for.

Can the second lien holder, or collection agency force the sale of our rental, if so,would we have time to move back there? The IRS Has a judgment of $20,000 against the property. Any advise would be appreciated

Thank you.


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Dear Stuart,

This question is hard to answer without knowing where you live. And even once I know where you live, I may not be well qualified to answer the question, since I don’t know all states exemptions.

In Florida, once you moved back into the rental home, it would be considered homestead and protected from creditors. But since the IRS already has a lien, there isn’t much that could be done about that lien.

But not all states have unlimited homestead exemption, so you have to be very careful in trying to protect a free and clear home.

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